20 thoughts on “Ontario cuts legal aid for refugees”

  1. Finally something good, stop giving money to immigrants who come here only for the money and then go fight for ISIS. Half of these ppl donโ€™t even consider themselves as Canadian

  2. And to slap us in the face, these immigrants stand on street corners begging for money.
    I personally tell them off.
    Their husband's force them to beg while they sit around glaring at young Canadian girls.
    I voted for Doug Ford. I know there will be cuts. But hey, we didn't have these things 10-15 years ago until the liberals told us we needed them so they could be reelected.

  3. See were over populated they keep coming in no housing homeless on or streets no job no money come on Canadiens wake up there taking all or ways of life and they get all the free gravy and the true Canadiens we suffer wake up ppl God alot of ppl we no as born in Canada lost everything cause to give to the refugees not good peace love

  4. What no don't reinstall funding. Trudeau refused to give us enough funds to help them and put the burden on Ontario tax payers. Trudeau is always fking with Ontario so send them to Trudeau home province can't do that though fken quebes sent 3/4 of them to Ontario this summer vote ppc this Oct get Trudeau out remember sheer is really a liberials n a different colored suit. He will not stop the UN migraints bill if elected he luvs migrants and long dressed male refuges

  5. And I was uhhh umm couldnโ€™t learn English in 3 years send them fuckers back we are full liberals out

  6. Amazing! Three years in Canada and he did not even try to show that he can speak a little bit of English. Today, new immigrants/refugees ask for financial assistance, back in the fifties and sixties immigrants received nothing and they faced similar problems.

  7. I have been to Turkey 6 times and I have never had a problem speaking to random citizens in english. In Canada for past 3 years and he can't speak for himself? I am friends with 3 recent Turk political refugees…and zero problem.

  8. B A S E D

    would be interesting to know how much "foreign aid" actually is, when you put these numbers in the mix.

  9. They should not be getting legal aid in the first place. He has been in Canada 3 years and can not speak our language this person is a good example of the kinda immigrants we do not need or want.

  10. For all of you saying legal aid ought be for citizens only:

    1) None of these people are necessarily 'illegal' immigrants (insofar as Canada has illegal immigrants since in the strictest sense we have no law about border hopping like yanks do) are people who are already in Canada and were presumably welcomed in by proper channels. So that means people who filled in the paperwork and got their visa but for whatever reason need legal aid with regards to understanding Canada's immigration system. If you were even a mere tourist in another country and were detained by police in that country, surely you'd want access to legal representation even if you couldn't afford it. This is no different.

    2) As far as the saving money argument goes (because we must only spend money on immediate concerns), what happens when the asylum seeker is unable to find work because they don't have access to legal aid to assist them getting their visa or whatever? Basically, they become homeless — which puts a drain on other social services like Healthcare (because they'll get sick more often living on the street, say) which are even more expensive for the government. In short: yes, the government is spending money…but relative to the amount of money it would spend by not addressing the issue now, it is a drop in the bucket.

  11. Based Ford. Of course Trudeau wouldn't step up with the funds, instead he points the blame at us. Can't wait until November.

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