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No Win No Fee| Solicitors| Birmingham | Personal Injury | Accident Claims | 08000488943

Solicitors| Birmingham | Personal Injury | Accident Claims | 08000488943

If you have been injured in a car as a driver or passenger?
And accident at work they were a simple trip or fall in the last two years

You may be entitled to compensation accidents
Injuries and falls can happen to anyone?

At any time and it is your legal rights to make a claim
When accidents happen choosing the right personal injury lawyer is critical?

Choosing the wrong lawyer can be disastrous and can cost you hundreds of thousands of pounds.
All of our lawyers are experienced in a wide
Range of accident and injury claims.

They know exactly how to win compensation no matter what your Accident or injury.
We have the right lawyers to handle your claim.

You get 100% of your compensation.
Tap your phone to speak to some one about starting a claim today.

Things that will Help you with your Claim

Basically, all Personal injury compensation claims can be undertaken by solicitors on a no win no fee basis; the most common claims are for: –
• clinical / medical negligence
• accidents at work
• road traffic accidents (RTA’s)
• public liability (including slips, trips and falls)
• accidents on holiday
• sporting accidents
• criminal assaults
• military injuries
In general, a claim can be made in any circumstances where the claimant is owed a duty of care by the defendant and that duty of care is breached by the defendant, causing an accident without the fault of the claimant. This duty is owed in most walks of life from employers to their employees, doctors to their patients, road users to each other and so on.

The Compensation
The amount of compensation the claimant can receive will be negotiated by the personal injury solicitor in conjunction with the defendant’s solicitor or decided at trial, although most claims do not go to trial and are resolved out of court.

The law changed on 1st April 2013, however what remains is the concept of “no win, no fee”, although the changes are significant. From this date, the “success fee” which was the bonus to the solicitor for taking on a case which might fail without payment by his client, and which was previously payable by the losing Defendant, will have to be paid by the Claimant himself.
The amount of that success fee is strictly limited in personal injury cases to a maximum of 25% of the sum recovered from the Defendants in compensation for the injury and the past, already incurred, financial losses only i.e. if awarded £10,000.00, of which £5,000.00 is for the injury, £3,000.00 is for the past losses, and £2,000.00 for the anticipated future losses, the maximum success fee is (25% of £5,000.00 + £3,000.00) £2,000.00. There is one specific instance in which a losing Claimant may have to pay costs however: if he/she makes a claim which is fraudulent or else one which clearly never had any merit at all.

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No win no fee injury claim can be filed with the help of our law firm in UK as we accept any percentage of the compensation amount as our payment awarded to our clients and do not charge any fee in advance or if the case is lost.
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