Newark to provide free legal aid for low-income renters facing eviction

Newark is planning to follow New York`s lead and provide free legal services for low-income and vulnerable tenants facing eviction. It will eventually cost the city between 0,000 and million. About 78 percent of residents in the city are renters.
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Attorney Robert Doggett of Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid and Texas Low Income Housing Information Service discusses Texas tenant law as it pertains to how to sue your landlord. This video should be viewed and used only with the context provided by information located on the Texas Tenant Advisor, This site is provided and maintained by the Texas Low Income Housing Information Service. We attempt to provide current information; nonetheless, you are urged to consult an attorney for legal advice and assistance.
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6 thoughts on “Newark to provide free legal aid for low-income renters facing eviction”

  1. and I have just bought a Townhouse trying to fix it up so i can move into it what can I do now that they have resold the Apartments

  2. I live in Wichita Falls Texas and I Live in a Apartment where they won't fix Anything. Mainly the Cabinets, it was a move in as is. The only catch is that I would have to remove all paint from the floors water based paint they stood in the middle of the room and painted the walls Yet I have removed most of it I asked them If I could get my Deposit back from the other Apartment that was a one bedroom now that I have a two bedroom apartment and the said No and they wouldn't give it back to me or put it onto this Apartment that I moved into and Everytime I bring up a Lawyer they Sell the Apartments what do I do their Breached of Contract they Sold the Apartments Again last month. I still have a Two Year Contract Lease.

  3. Greedy landlord. the place I rent is a dump and way over priced Can't have a vacation or eat better. Sad that the rent rate is so high and the landlord really ripping us off. I pray they see we can't just get help from the social service. Lazy landlord's. God will help us right.

  4. What if the landlord on the lease isnt the landlord at all an sold the property 18years ago an is taking housing money an the renters money. The real owner is his daughter. Whom he sold the property too. An she knows about this fraudulent crime.

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