New York Construction Injury Attorney David Perecman In Courtroom


New York Construction Injury Attorney David Perecman  In Courtroom Every time, ultimately when a client with construction related injuries comes to you, they want the best result they can get in a New York construction injury attorney. Theyre going to get the best result one of two ways. Its either going to happen because the defendants are scared of you and they settle with you, because theyve been in the courtroom before with you and they remember what it was like sitting there, watching me sum up. They remember how tough I am. They remember when I say, I want two million dollars for this case, I dont mean a million nine, ninety-nine, ninety-nine and ninety-nine cents. Take the other penny on, I want it all. And if you wait til tomorrow, tomorrow its going to be 2.5. AndAs a New York construction injury attorney, Ive done that in construction related injuries cases, Ive just gone up every single day. Now it drives your adversaries absolutely nuts, but at the end they go back and they talk, and I know what they say. They go, Perecmans impossible, you cant deal with him. You cant talk to him. Hes ridiculous. But they remember the next time. So it brings settlements, number one, and if it doesnt bring settlements, it brings verdicts. And, for construction related injuries, if youre tough in court and you know how to relate to a jury and you know how to talk to them, like what they are, which is people, you can win.

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