Myths Surrounding Separation and Divorce in North Carolina


Raleigh, North Carolina divorce attorneys Jaime Davis and Carrie Tortora go over 5 of the most common myths surrounding divorce and separation in North Carolina to help separate fact from fiction. In this video you will learn if a person needs papers in order to be legally separated in NC, if you should just leave your marital home to separate from your spouse, if you can get divorced without a lawyer, if most divorces cases go to court and if spouses are required to continue paying bills during a separation. Learn more in this video. (Please be advised, the information in this video only pertains to the laws in the State of North Carolina.)


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20 thoughts on “Myths Surrounding Separation and Divorce in North Carolina”

  1. Siti nurbaya Soubri says:

    Mama boy.dnt married mama boy or else you take your life to hell

  2. ATaylor Productions says:

    8:46 I've seen her in another K Drama movie.

  3. Honey Kim says:

    시에미년 명줄도 기네 ㅅㅂ 어떻게 칼침 안맞고 저나이처먹도록 살아있는거야 시볼년이 ㅋㅋㅋ

  4. TH2O J says:

    한국 특유의 숨기는게 미덕인 그 문화가 너무 싫다.. 힘들면 힘들다 이건 아니다 한마디만 해도 함부러 무시하고 그러진 않을텐데.. 어떻게 참냐 저거를.. 거기다가 유산하고도 핀잔듣고 남편도 자기밖에 모르고 어휴

  5. Marilyn Blaine says:

    Beyotch of a mom-in-law…

  6. klaiy says:

    Marriage is a business? He’s talking like a shit. I admit love is a reality, but still it should be based on love. Don’t think love and marriage like a playing of your childhood

  7. JoJo General says:

    The one to blame here is the husband. It is the fault of this sorry excuse of a man and husband.

  8. sneh baisoya says:

    money matters alot

  9. jaehwang lee says:

    culture pressure breaking marriage, husband's aptitude is really important.

  10. Rose Kim says:

    I understand all of you guy's. But always remember. It depends of person's, reason's and situation's kkkk 진짜^^

  11. Max Nova says:

    This Drama is not appropriate to watch! So lesson for the new generation! But thank you so much for sharing.

  12. Tajum Tajum says:

    mother fucker in end of movie

  13. Ahtide alaGDe says:

    are mothers in Korea really like this one?

  14. EA Forms says:

    I thought getting divorce because of in laws specialy there parents is not a ground for divorce, instead againts the law.

  15. forever young says:


  16. ForTaxReasons says:

    This was so stupid on so many levels LMAO

  17. susan crandall says:

    Lot's of jellyfish in K.(spineless) they would so love me.(not) lol use your bitcoins to buy a clue!!!

  18. Taeyeon Kim says:

    This mother in law is quite abusive and the wife let's herself get abused by that old rude woman.

  19. Unicorn 3 M says:

    미련하다 ! 본인잘못이지 ! 참는게바보가 되는 것이다

  20. 응딩‘ says:

    저렇게 사는여자도 뭐 ㅉㅉ

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