My Dad Rear Ended By Drunk Driver – 7 December 2016


December 7, 2016

My father (blue 2010 Honda Civic) got hit by a drunk driver which pushed him into the front of the newly renovated store. His foot was on the brakes the entire time. His (fortunately) only injury is a case of whiplash. The car is unfortunatly and obviously a write-off. It was their first brand new car they’ve ever bought. They picked it up while I was in basic training since the automatic transmission in their ’99 Acura TL was on the way out.

PORT COLBORNE — An impaired driver left a trail of destruction in downtown Port Colborne Wednesday morning, when it struck at a half dozen vehicles across a two-block stretch of King Street.

Shortly after 10 a.m. the driver, operating a blue dodge pickup truck, had been travelling southbound on King Street near Elgin Street where it collided with a parked vehicle. The pickup continued travelling south on King Street and collided with a vehicle stopped in traffic.

The pickup driver failed to stop for either collision and continued south on King Street where the truck collided with another parked vehicle. The driver kept going, continuing southbound on King Street to the intersection of Clarence Street, where it struck a Honda stopped at the traffic signal.

The impact of this collision sent the Honda forward through the intersection and careening into the front glass doors of The Bargain! Shop at 38 Clarence St., causing extensive damage to newly installed windows, doors and brickwork.

The pickup truck continued south on King Street, where it collided with two more parked vehicles before coming to rest near Catharine Street.

Police say the pickup driver then fled the area on foot and was followed by a witness.

Police located the witness and the fleeing male who was subsequently arrested by police.

Chris Davies, who was next door at the time of the crash, said he was thankful no one was hurt in the collision.

However, he said the damage to the building is disheartening given how recently construction wrapped up on a 12-week overhaul of the building’s façade.

“The last bit of work on the brick just happened yesterday,” said Davies.

“I’m having a hard time finding the right emotion,” said Davies, adding he will be moving fast to repair the damage.

“We can fix it,” he said. “It is just bricks and mortar.”

While the crash closed The Bargain! Shop, store manager Rachel Williams said the shop would reopen the next day.

“No one was hurt, that’s the main thing,” she said.

As a result of the investigation, David Taylor, 51, of Port Colborne is charged with impaired operation of a motor vehicle, operating a motor vehicle in excess of 80 mgs of alcohol and six counts of fail to stop at the scene of an accident.
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One thought on “My Dad Rear Ended By Drunk Driver – 7 December 2016”

  1. GRIMSBY says:

    that drunk hit my car (also a write off) just before the Honda but thank god i was in the bank at the time and also that your father is ok. this could of been so bad for all the people just doing morning chores. my insurance co. was great but i still had to fork out extra just to get a replacement vehicle and the stress being the time of year 🙁

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