My 3-month-old baby has been subpoenaed to appear in court (crazy r/legaladvice posts)

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20 thoughts on “My 3-month-old baby has been subpoenaed to appear in court (crazy r/legaladvice posts)”

  1. Our legal system is a joke. Anybody who thinks a subpoena for a three month old is legit has no business working in the courts considering the stakes involved. This world needs a cleansing of all the stupidity.

    It infuriates me how our courts are so stupid at times. Like, cut the bureaucratic bull** and use some common f***ing sense. If my baby was subpoenaed, I’d let them arrest him/her. And then get thrown in for contempt of court to be with my baby. And then sue the bejeezus out of the jurisdiction pulling such Tom Foolery and bankrupt them.

  2. What happened after the first story? Did they go to court? Did they get it resolved? Does anyone know what happened to that family? I'm really curious!

  3. Did they fucking explain it was a 3 month old baby? And they still want her to show up in court? Is this a fucking Kafka story?!

  4. 8:09 you can get a no trespassing sign and place a recording device, and if they do it again, you have proof of trespassing and you have legal right to sue or charge them.

  5. how is this even allowed. It goes against the 3 main criteria that is required to testify in court.

  6. Only a complete monster would issue an arrest warrant from a baby so I completely believe a judge would do that. Cops are pigs, Judges are just as bad. Our society is run by monsters. The fact that they blew off her explanations is a show of force.

  7. lol "we are in California" explains everything
    My brother in law got a tax bill from them and he had been living in south america for 10 years. They quite literally guessed what job he might be working at, then took the average pay for someone working that job and then demanded he pay taxes on that pay never mind that he hadn't worked in California at any job, ever.

  8. That baby was born on my fifteenth birthday, irelevent to the story but I can't be the only one that gets excited when somebody mentions their birthday in a story.

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