[Movies] Cinemark is seeking legal costs from failed Aurora Shooting victim lawsuit

James Holmes shooting up the Cinemark Century 16 theater in Aurora, Colorado 4 years ago will never not be a tragedy. But going after Cinemark for liability through a class action lawsuit wasn’t the way to get restitution. Cinemark seeking to reclaim the cost of their defense is shitty, but its their way of protecting themselves when they are a victim in this as well.

Cinemark Wants Colorado Theater Shooting Victims To Pay $700K In Fees

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20 thoughts on “[Movies] Cinemark is seeking legal costs from failed Aurora Shooting victim lawsuit”

  1. Greedy lawyers/anti gun advocates sued the theater for $ and/or political reasons. The lawyers knew the claims weren't justified. That's why the were popped for the theaters legal expenses.

  2. my first thoughts on suing cinemark— shouldn't the fire exits' have alarms that go off when you open them? james holmes was able to prop it open so that he could leave midway through the movie to get his guns…if the fire exits had alarms like they are supposed to, then he would not be able to quietly prop the door open for later.

  3. What movie theater in this country has armed security to protect movie goers. What's next a shooting in a grocery store the store gets sued because they didn't have armed security? Then what's next.

  4. Apparently the seven hundred thousand compared to the company profits seems CineMark should have let this go. Me son broke his arm a few years ago while he was skateboarding around and in a city drainage ditch. He even said we never considered lawsuit. Not how we do things. We're not greedy can't speak for other.

  5. Gun free zone & Good to know you believe Cinemark has NO responsibility to the safety of there patrons

  6. this is a cancer in the west,people always were theres blame theres a claim crap or pretending they have whiplash after a minor car crash,you see adverts on the TV all the time trying get you sue anyone,dont people get it this effects us all my dad was a top manager of a large pharmaceutical company and he said the insurance went up 10 fold due to claims,when insurance go up we all have to pay the cost

  7. I feel bad but going after Cinemark, I feel like the lawyers that filed this class action are the real scum bags.

    The lawyers were looking for an easy pay day from a big company

  8. I'm with you on this one Matt. It wasn't like this was some publicity stunt gone wrong it was an unforeseeable event. I hope they pursue this to prevent further suits like this in the future.

  9. Yes, you're right that Cinemark should not be blamed for this but the countersuit is a missed opportunity for Cinemark. They should wave the fees and even do whatever they can to treat the victims and their families with the utmost respect and compassion. They could have come out of this looking like a company that cares rather than just another greedy corporation. I understand that it would be an insignificant gesture to folks that lost a loved one but , perhaps, even a lifetime pass to all Cinemark theaters might have been a nice idea. As for the cost of the suit, make the lawyers pay that undoubtedly convinced many of those involved to sue in the first place since they really had no case. Now, if this is for medical costs, then the state should cover it. I'm guessing at least some of this was about money.

  10. And here we have the state of Tennessee legislating something that addresses precisely matters like this.

    Because fuck you, Matt!

    If your shitty establishment decides that I am not allowed to protect myself from armed crazies like James Holmes (the Cinemark theater in question had a no weapons policy (and sign posted)), then THAT ESTABLISHMENT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR MY SAFETY AND WELL BEING!

    Period, point fucking blank!

    I carry a firearm for my protection and the defense of those innocents around me. If Cinemark or whomever doesn't want to take responsibility for the safety and well being of their patrons, DON'T FUCKING BAN LEGAL CARRY OF FIREARMS!

    Holy fucking shit! This isn't fucking rocket surgery!

  11. I seen the news and it was very shocking and the aftermath they hadan visit from Christian bale offering his condolences about the atrocity we had a similar story where this guy called Michael Ryan went on anrampage in Hungerford and caused many deaths but the media inthe 80's blamed it on Rambo  it was shocking to say the least.FRANKIE O'NEIL SMALES.SMALES TV UK-HOST

  12. I hate frivolous lawsuits. I have personally been affected by them. In first grade I went to a school that wouldn't let us play tag because some bitch sued them because her dumbass kid got hurt on the playground. That shouldn't be legal. We still played tag (or games similar to tag) but we couldn't get caught or else we would get in trouble. It was bullshit.

  13. I live in Aurora and I've seen many movies in that theater, so this entire situation is really interesting to see news come from it.

  14. Darkly amusing to see the gun-nuts in here saying how much better the situation would have been if the cinema patrons were armed themselves. Have they even though about what would have happened? Holmes would have come in through the back and started shooting. In the panic/scramble, some NRA-types would have bravely pulled out their handguns. However, would have missed with their shots because they're panicking,the light is poor, they're getting jostled/bumped by panicking movie-goers and their handguns aren't that accurate anyway. Best case the shots hit nothing. Worst case, an innocent bystander gets caught in the crossfire. Then there's the fact that there's a bunch of strangers in the theater with guns and none of them know who the actual bad guy is, so maybe they start shooting at each other, hitting more innocent bystanders. Meanwhile, Holmes is still killing people because he's firing wherever, and doesn't even need to aim in the packed theater to get a kill.

  15. im with the theater on this one, i do hope that the counter sue is in fact just dick waving as ultimately the families lost the most in this…

  16. I loathe gun free zones (which attract jackasses like James Holmes like flies to shit) but I'm opposed to holding the property or business owners responsible when things go stupid. I have no issue with the business filing a counter suit to reclaim their losses and to prevent this in the future.

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