Motorcycle crash analysis 4: Car cut's off motorcyclist causing accident

Deep dive into a crash where a car crosses directly in front of a motorcycle at an intersection. Discussions of how to approach an intersection and minor adjustments that can be made

Source video:

– Intro (0:22)
– Events leading to the accident (1:28)
– The grey cars mistake (3:04)
– Intersection caution (3:20)
– Lane positioning (3:39)
– Intersection awareness (4:03)
– Wrap up (5:03)
– Post show (5:35)
– My similar wreck (6:58)

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20 thoughts on “Motorcycle crash analysis 4: Car cut's off motorcyclist causing accident”

  1. This would be a much better video if you would get rid of all the irreverent bullshit. Having said that, you bring up a lot of good points, but I disagree with you at about 8:30 re: lane position. Position one is correct because it’s the most visible to right turning cars, which there is.

    His mistake is no sight line due to overall poor skills regarding fighting for space when traveling with traffic. You must always aggressively get space between you and cars. He had two good choices at the previous intersection: pass the car quickly or let the car get far ahead. I would have passed.

    Furthermore, I’m not so sure it’s unavoidable. Look how closely the white car was to getting hit by the dark car. The driver of the white car was an asshole, of which you have in abundance on the east coast.

  2. Passing on the right is illegal, cyclist should not have tried to pass. Driver of the white car was impatient should not have cut into others right of way.

  3. Excellent analysis dude. fully agree, position 3 in the lane would have increased time to react by very high margin.

    First time I'm going to listen to advertising 😉

  4. That car clearly cut off both the rider, and the car next to him… The car next to him had to swerve to avoid hitting him. Reguardless, as a motorcycle rider, if your not expecting these type of things to happen and constantly on the lookout for what could go wrong, then your simply not taking enough precautions…

  5. Honestly, sometimes as the rider it is basically impossible to stop a crash. Vigilance is one thing. But man, the white car really was not good. I wish it didn't happen. But it is good he crashed at low speed. At least.

  6. Love your sense of humour are your sure your not U.K decent?
    I'm so glad we have roundabouts here in the U.K. far safer than your intersections. Yes I know we don't have the massive roads like you do.
    Totally agree with your points. Cars don't feel pain we do. It dosent matter who's fault. Avoid at all costs.

  7. Okay almost the exact same fucking thing happened to me, except not at a traffic light controlled intersection.

    There was a car ahead of me (much further than the space this rider left) in the lane to my left. There was a car facing the opposite direction to us, waiting to turn left at a specific left turn lane onto a side street. They started their turn as soon as the car in the lane to my left passed them. I honked, and made the split second decision that I would have a better shot making it by the car if I swerve to the right rather than brake. It didn't work out, but I had to take the chance for the best possible outcome.

    They later said they "heard the honk but couldn't stop." I ended up collided with the front side of her passenger side.

  8. Please keep making these sort of videos! They are very educational for beginner riders like myself that are filled with questions like what options do I have in certain situations and which action minimizes damage based on real life scenarios

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