Motorcycle Accident Lawyer CT – Connecticut : High Speed Motorcycle Crash Fatality

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My Name is Joe Morelli of the Law Offices of Mark E.Salomone & Morelli in Hartford Connecticut. We are a personal injury law firm handling injury cases throughout the state of Connecticut. I’d like to tell you about a case we handled just recently last year about a motorcycle passenger who was involved in a very sever accident.

Motorcycle Accident Case
Female Motorcycle Passenger
Severe Tissue Loss

She was a passenger who boarded the motorcycle in Meridian. Her driver was a friend of hers who then proceeded up 91 north though Middle Town and eventually Rocky Hill. As part of our exhaustive investigation we discovered there was a handlebar mounted camera on the motorcycle. Based on our extensive experience handling motorcycle cases we always perform a thorough investigation including a reconstruction of the events leading up to the crash. Like solving a puzzle we piece together the most minute of details of the actions of each car truck and motorcycle to create a foundation for maximum recovery.

It was though this analysis that we determined that the motorcycle did in fact have a mounted camera. That had recorded the entire trip and it’s fatal consequences. We immediately moved to secure an exact copy of the accident video. We could not have come up with a more key piece of evidence to tie in all of the insurance companies. We discovered it had been activated just before the accident and it showed in real time what happened. The operator of the motorcycle was racing four other motorcycles at speeds in excess of 160 miles per hour.

This fatal accident was devastating and our client suffered severe injuries to her upper body. She was fortunate and it was miraculous that she wasn’t killed. She had some soft tissue injuries to her neck area, had some damage to her ribs, primarily though she sustained massive tissue loss from her upper arm. Major pieces of muscle pieces of her upper arm were missing or destroyed. Multiple reconstructive surgeries were required to regain some use of her arm.

As you can see from the break lights, the heavy traffic was unexpectedly slowing. By analyzing the actions of all veihicles we aggressivly persued each insurance company to obtain a substantial total recovery for our client from each available insurance policy.

Apon approaching the insurance companies they agreed with us that this was a very significant case. And we were able to obtain a policy limit recovery consistent with such a catastrophic loss. The client was very pleased that we were able to get a prompt resolution to this case and it was though our efforts in obtaining both the DVD and all of her medical records, making sure she obtained the doctors she needed to go to that we were able to obtain a successful result.

She was pleased and we were very pleased on her behalf.
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21 thoughts on “Motorcycle Accident Lawyer CT – Connecticut : High Speed Motorcycle Crash Fatality”

  1. That’s some bullshit. Pretty sure they just left a funeral where a man died on bike… No one else’s fault but the idiot rider. Everything is sue sue sue now. Everyone is money hungry no matter the fault. Hope you go to hell.

  2. If anyone is wondering, I checked if he was going 166mph on the speedometer OR if it was kilometers per hour. It was indeed Miles per hour. Here's how you can confirm:
    If you do the math for 166mph that is equal to 166 x 5280 ÷ 3600 = 243 feet per second.
    If it is kilometers per hour, that is closer to 150 feet per second (166 x 3281 ÷ 3600).
    Now, painted lines on a highway are a little over 10 feet each and are painted 30 feet apart. If the speed is in miles per hour, then each second he would have to be passing: 6 lines. If it is kilometers per hour he should only be passing about: 4 lines.
    I then played the video at .25 speed and used the moment the time hit 0:42 and started counting how many lines he was able to pass. Sure enough, just before it hit 0:43, he almost had reached passing the 7th line, confirming that he was indeed going at miles per hour seen on his speedometer.
    I double checked this using his speed at about 128mph when the countdown timer appears, and started counting lines passed at 5.3 seconds to impact up until 4.3 s to impact. In mph he'd pass 5 lines and if kmh he'd pass: 3 lines. Again here we see him pass: 5 lines.
    Now that is damn fucking fast for the amount of traffic and highway curves he was passing through especially with a passenger on the back who you can see leans out of alignment with the driver moments before hitting the truck, thus lagging behind slower in positioning to match the driver and the direction he was trying to turn, ultimately decreasing the sharpest turn he could make.
    Maybe if he had better reflexes and was going kilometers per hour he would have made it and crashed somewhere later on, on an exit ramp, but this was just foolish.

    BONUS brain teaser from this problem:
    When doing the math to see how many lines passed at 128mph or kmh, he would have to be passing 5 if miles and 3 if kilometers. In feet per second, he would be going at about 188fps if mph or 117fps if kmh. Remember each line is 10 feet with 30 feet until the next line for a total of 40 feet.
    If you divide the 188 ÷ 40 = 4.69 and for the kmh version 117 ÷ 40 = 2.91. so why does the 4.69 = 5 lines passed and the 2.91 = 3 lines passed!? That's the brain teaser, it confused me at first but I know exactly why and reply to my comment if you figure it out or if you have no idea no matter how much you try to figure it out. Even try drawing that out 10 foot lines and 30 feet between each to see that I'm correct and try to figure out why the math is like that! 😀

  3. What a POS lawyer you are Fuckin' cunt!! GODDAMN squid's! He couldn't ride, I've been riding for over 10 year's and NEVER wrecked my bike

  4. You are an absolute piece of shit to have even taken this case. I can only imagine how many other times you've done the same thing. I hope one day karma comes back on you and you have something happen that's caused by the same type of scum that you've represented over the years.

  5. I've had three rice rockets the last one being turbo charged scary fast I've done 140 mph on the mass pike four lanes wide by myself being able to see 4-5 miles ahead of me. Taking into account I would only temporarily hit this speed for a moment and I made sure there were no cars I was blowing by that speed ahead of me. Other than this I've always been very cautious in residential areas and on main roads mainly because I don't want to kill an oncoming car or even worse one pulling out of a side street . Respect the rules of the road if you don't then your playing with death which we see every year …..

  6. So let me get this correct a bunch of ASSHOLES doing 165 miles per hour zig zag between traffic for miles on end the loser crashes into a trailer due to his recklessness and the typical greedy Lawyers SUE every vehicle for miles that were minding their Buisness obeying the laws of the road and you SUE the shit out of them (((((( FOR WHAT))))))……..!!!!!!!! The asshole caused the whole thing ya know he's the one with his criminal friends breaking the law and big time at 170 miles per hour between cars what about the wellbeing of the innocent bystanders driving safely in traffic do they get compensation for doing nothing. This just shows us the everyday person that CRIMINALS have more rights than the Law abiding citizen. They came from Meriden my guess is probably from the Projects cuz only scumbags would endanger the public like this did the other guys breaking the law speeding get arrested I bet you they didn't I'll guarantee it… This is why most people who live in this GOD forsaken state absolutely hate it here because everything is fucking backwards. This Lawyer was so proud to announce we documented every vehicle so we can achieve maximum compensation and our client was so pleased as if all the innocent drivers were the ones guilty here. This State and all the scumbag Lawyers and the Judge who ruled on this should go back to school because they obviously don't understand right verses wrong and in this case the only ones getting sued should have been the main cyclist and the other 3 co- conspirators. This case just set the case law for all 50 states to now sue for a car crash of drunk drivers to be able to sue all of us who worked hard all our lives by simply driving down the road. It's line suing Ford for an accident that I caused by texting and while we're at it lets sue the mobile company too because I was using their product ……

  7. They should have offered you a dismissal for costs and taken you to trial outright. Your client got what she deserved. Thanks for raising my insurance premiums.

  8. 1:08 Good God. Sometimes life gives you an omen that you NEED to heed. He almost dies and continues to ride like that?

  9. wtf, she got on that bike, why does she get anything? i can guarantee she knew what was going down on that road, one peole getting any money should be the owner of the vehicle he hit.

  10. Take them to court because that's the only way to get paid what you deserve. Find a lawyer that doesn't mind going to court because some don't want to go. Hundreds of low settlement offers add up real good for lawyers but it's nothing for you the receiver of the offer.

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