Most tragic PEDESTRIAN ACCIDENT Compilation

Most tragic pedestrian accident cought on dash cam and cctv.
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Two car motor vehicle accident. Female pedestrian struck by vehicle while standing in traffic Island.
Time: 7:45 PM
State: New York
City: Staten Island
Zip Code:10305
Neighborhood: Rosebank
Street Location: Tompkins Avenue and Hylan Boulevard
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pedestrian motor vehicle accident

17 thoughts on “Most tragic PEDESTRIAN ACCIDENT Compilation”

  1. Copycat (why can't people make their own stuff, every video like this one, has the exact same clips) You're just copying everyone else's thievery! And I wouldn't describe it as tragic if most of them lived …

  2. Sorry, crosswalk or not, anyone who just walks out into a street without even looking whatsoever, deserves to get hit. Just sweep their lifeless bodies over to the side of the rode, let that be a lesson for the other idiots. The little kids I feel sorry for, they don't deserve it but, I blame their parents for that.

  3. 2:20 Why why???
    The vehicle was going with 30km/h (8meter/second) and there is not 5 meters between the van and the person, and her still starts going…
    I don't understand this…

  4. Most stupid pedestrian ever. Looks at oncoming cars in the far lane, but still doesn't look for cars coming from his left in first lane he's going to cross – even though there are car coming from that direction into his view.

  5. listen up all you young drivers out there. it is a crime not to stop at crosswalks if a pedestrian is waiting to cross the street. A CROSSWALK IS WHERE THE PEDESTRIAN HAS THE RIGHT OF WAY NO MATTER WHAT. if you are coming up on a crosswalk, slow the fuck down and look on both sides of the road. make sure no one is trying to cross. it doesnt matter if there is a ton of people waiting to cross, you have to WAIT FOR ALL OF THEM TO CROSS THE STREET, NOT JUST A FEW. the only time this might not apply is at a light. when they press the button, they have sometimes only 5 seconds to cross. its a shame most adults dont even know this. i see them speeding through crosswalks not giving a shit in the world about the laws. the first thing you learn on the drivers test SHOULD BE TO SLOW DOWN OR STOP AT ALL ACTIVE CROSSWALKS!

  6. the guy at 3.00 looks smashed out of his brains on vodka he never looked left weren't y'all taught look left then right?………….looks dead to me!!

  7. Hi,arduino hobbyist Can I have your permission to include this video in my US DashCam compilation? (with onscreen name of your channel and link to your original video)

    Thanks in advance!?

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