Mission BX – Episode 21 – Bronx Legal Services & Violence Intervention Program Inc (9-27-18)

Host Eileen Newman sits down with Community Education & outreach coordinator of the Violence Intervention Program Inc, Rocio Garcia about several issues that affect the Bronx community including domestic violence. Also, Eileen meets with the Director of Family & Immigration unit of Bronx Legal Services Terry Lawson, about immigration laws and helping the Bronx community with different services.

Hostos Community College’s Center for Bronx Nonprofits (CBNP) and BronxNet Television have partnered for a new television program aimed at informing the community about the nonprofit organizations that play such a crucial role in the daily lives of Bronxites.

Titled, Mission Bronx (BX), the monthly program launched in September 2015, and for the first time, Bronx residents will have a regular television program that keeps them informed about services offered by nonprofit organizations that enhance their quality of life. At the same time, the program will provide guidance to nonprofit managers, as they work to strengthen their organizations and overcome some of the challenges faced by so many nonprofits.

The program will air on BronxNet Channel 67 on Cablevision and BronxNet Channel 33 on Verizon FiOS. It will also be webcast at www.bronxnet.org.

The CBNP’s mission is to support the Bronx community by strengthening Bronx Nonprofits across all sectors. Its work includes everything from helping organizations promote their work to specifically addressing ways to improve the lives of the Bronx’s homeless population. The Center also focuses on services that positively impact the quality of life of immigrants and artists in the borough.

Mission BX combines fast-paced, informative programming with new media that encourages viewers to think about nonprofits in a different light. The nonprofit organizations highlighted provide services ranging from cleaning up the Bronx River, providing food for the hungry, clothing and comforting those in need, improving access to healthy food, advocating for young people, and much more. Mission BX engages and connects nonprofits with their constituencies, and helps identify services of value to a broad Bronx audience. The program simultaneously offers information that helps nonprofits serve and work better.

BronxNet is the independent not-for-profit organization serving the people of the Bronx through the provision of media production training, access to technology and channels. BronxNet programs six channels – 33, 34, 35, 36, 37 and 38 on the Verizon FiOS system and six channels – 67, 68, 69, 70, 951 and 952 – on the Cablevision Optimum system in the Bronx.

Follow Mission BX on Twitter: @MissionBX and Hostos Community College: @HostosCollege

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