Meet the New Morgan & Morgan Deaf and Disability Rights Unit!


Visit for more information.

Meet our Deaf and Disability Rights Unit working to fight discrimination, improve accessibility and protect civil rights.

Attorney Sharon Caserta, Legal Assistant Christine Stevens and Paralegal Amanda Brandi share their stories and recount their involvement with the deaf community in this video introducing our new practice area.

They handle other types of cases, too! If you need legal help, you can contact them directly:

Sharon: 904-245-1121/VP or 904-361-0078 (Voice Line)
Christine: 904-245-1041/VP
Amanda: 904-361-4401 (Voice Line)

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2 thoughts on “Meet the New Morgan & Morgan Deaf and Disability Rights Unit!”

  1. Karen A Hill says:

    Not all deafies know sign language, so it would be much appreciated if you mouthe words so we can read your lips. I was unable to understand most of your presentation.

  2. Heather Scott says:

    The reason why I click dislike because Morgan n Morgan support with Muslim for my friend's gun business in my hometown. Hey, MM are lost case. HA!I don't support with Morgan n Morgan.

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