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Medical Malpratice Summary – Cases of medical malpractice can result in serious injuries and liability for the parties involved. When dealing with a medical malpractice incident, it may be necessary to get a lawyer or attorney involved. It may be necessary to file a lawsuit against the person who caused the incident or injuries. If you have a medical malpractice issue, you may have a legal case or legal claim that can result in a settlement for monetary damages. The law is on your side, but there are time limits that govern how long you have to file a claim, and other restrictions. You need to consult a lawyer or attorney so that they can decide the merits of your legal case.

Medical Malpractice Video Transcript – Did you know that medical negligence is the third leading cause of death in the United States right behind heart disease and cancer? One careless mistake by a doctor or a hospital can change your whole life. Thousands of people are injured each year, and many never pursue a medical malpractice claim. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury through the negligence of a doctor or hospital, you may be entitled to substantial compensation. You need to be aware of your legal options. Receiving compensation is your right. Don’t be a victim. Get the help you deserve. The intake specialists at the Helios Legal Group can answer any questions you may have. Call our medical malpractice hotline for a free, no obligation consultation right now!

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3 thoughts on “Medical Malpractice Lawsuit – Helios Legal Group – Lawyers & Attorneys”

    you are who I am counting on. There is an issue in healthcare coming to light that we need to have addressed. It is the issue of electroshock in the courts currently. Law suits taking place around the devices used in this procedure on a national level. There are medical malpractice firms in several states taking patient information around damages from this procedure. There are suits filed against the FDA and legislative changes being made as well.

    This is a human rights issue. We have also approached for false claims/fraud suits and discrimination suits. Please see resources on ectjustice now owned by law firms participating in product liability suit.

    No FDA testing of device or procedure ever done. No pre-market approval ever done of the devices that were grandfathered in by the FDA over 80 years ago. Devices have been shown in the CA courts to cause brain injury at minimum. I feel this is discrimination involving a protected population under the ADA. I feel it is insurance fraud as the procedure has never even been shown by the FDA to be safe or effective and insurers to include Medicare pay out billions annually in US alone. The government then often pays out a lifetime of disability payments as a direct result of damages from same. They don't test because all know full well damages around this that would come to light.

    Until recently electroshock and the devices were classed as experimental. It was declassified to FDA level 2 which is the safety level of syringes. It was declassified so more insurers would be able to pay on it. It was declassified with an active suit in place around devices and harm. It was declassified without any testing of device or procedure. We as patients were never told in consent it was classed as experimental. There are significant issues around this and the FDA for discrimination claims.

    This is used at leading facilities to include the large HMO Kaiser Permanente. Kaiser has the largest patient pool to draw from for research and there is research around ECT. Many people have a piece of the pie so to speak in research and product incentives so all keep quiet to keep this in practice. Never mind the fear of suits and lost reputations when this comes to full fruition in public knowledge.

    This is TBI at minimum. Consent is highly fallible. Most just mention standard anesthesia risks and some temporary short term memory loss expected to resolved in 6 weeks. Electrical trauma up to 450 volts and greater to the brain impacts all bodily systems. Providers are well aware of actual structural brain changes that result from this in their research and that is certainly missing from consent for starters.

    There are long term outcomes of electrical trauma to include CTE, ALS, and ongoing cardiac and autonomic issues etc. These damages can extend and evolve over years. Medical malpractice is possible as the material risk of brain damages are missing from consents as baseline.

    This is trauma. All trauma is based on mechanism. NFL is blunt force and ours is electrical. You have a known mechanism you have a known and anticipated outcome in ALL populations (even those with mental health histories). If this happened in a home or work setting verses at the hands of culpable providers, all ER personnel would anticipate TBI at minimum. This is a crime.

    Law students this impacts professionals as well now. No longer just used for depression nor as a last resort. This is being used also on children, women in pregnancy, and our Veterans. We are counting on you to help address this either in writing papers, having conversations with your professors, addressing your legal concerns around this on social, anything to expose the harm of this. There is a great need for justice and reforms.

    "…and the ashes will be blown away from the tops of their heads. It is edict! It is writ!"

  2. I'm Ivan Rubio I'm admitted in the grossmont sharp hospital for an infected open wound on right leg and I underwent a surgery for a skin graft on my right leg (tibula/fibula area). The skin graft turned out fine he used a piece from my thigh, however he also remove muscle and tissue from my calf. This wasn't discussed during my consultation with the surgeon. He failed to mention that I'd now be left with another open wound . I spoke with an orthopedic doctor on the floor here and he said that the surgeon didn't have to remove the muscle/tissue from my calf and that the hospitals recycle tissues/muscles for other procedures/patients (such as like blood). He told me I should sit down and discuss with you the surgeon the procedure and exactly what he did. The wound that the tissue/muscle that was removed is larger than the original wound I walked in with and that the surgeon couldn't have used all of the tissue he removed the fill in the initial wound and he probably harvested my tissue/muscle for whatever reason. And now I'm worried, they talked of possibly discharging me tomorrow, if they send me home with an even bigger open wound I'll likely be at high risk for another infection. I could seriously use some help or advice this isn't the first time I've had problems with a surgery. The infection originated from a gunshot wound I received back in February 24th I have a metal rod prosthetic inside my right tibula/fibula and the orthopedic surgeon Dr. Michael Bongiovanni left the bullet fragments inside which lead to further complications and ultimately led to the infection I'm currently in the hospital for. I followed up with Dr.Michael Bongiovanni for two months after the surgery in February, he'd be like a broken recorder constantly saying "you're young, that thing will heal just be patient". He prescribed me with morphine 15mg tablets upon which I had to be taken to the hospital again for a possible overdose. I understand that it's not cool to sue people. However I believe that there has to have been a malpractice or poor healthcare service provided I constantly get advice from relatives and loved ones instructing me to look into this and that I risk losing my leg everyday I'm not getting the proper healthcare I need

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