Long Term Disability Lump Sum Buyout or Settlement Information


Long Term Disability Lump Sum Buyout or Settlement Information

We are available nationwide: call 855-319-4421 or email:

Disability insurance lawyers Gregory Dell and Stephen Jessup discuss lump sum buyouts of a long term disability policy.

The disability insurance attorneys at Dell & Schaefer have negotiated thousands of buyouts for long term disability claimants.

Not every disability claimant is eligible for a settlement and not every company offers settlements.

You can learn more about our Lump-Sum Buyout services on our website at



1 – Applying For Disability Benefits:

2 – Appeal Of A Disability Denial (ERISA):

3 – ERISA Disability Lawsuits:

4 – Non-ERISA Disability Benefit Denials:

5 – Monthly Disability Claim Handling:

6 – Lump-Sum Disability Policy Buyouts:


Our nationwide disability insurance attorneys have represented thousands of disabled claimants with their claims for either short term disability, long term disability, or long-term care benefits against every major disability insurance company. We do not charge any fees or costs unless we are able to recover benefits.

Please contact any of our disability lawyers to discuss your claim by calling 855-319-4421 or by email


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8 thoughts on “Long Term Disability Lump Sum Buyout or Settlement Information”

  1. Dalton Blair says:

    Funny The Hartford is telling me they take a 70% discount…I was thinking 20% was high but at this point I'd take a 25% hit, but 70% these yanks are off their rocker!

  2. Don Williamson says:

    If workers comp wants to settle on medical what are my cons? What happens to my SSD, will I now get less in my SS if I take a settlement? And what about my medicare, will they now take over my medical bills?

  3. Indy Go says:

    first off ,thanks for video and answers. I have been offered a buyout. After the b/o if I get well, or return to work ,can they get any money back?

  4. Melisa Haggai says:

    Great information! Thank you!!

  5. Flash says:

    I have a question regarding combined SSD & LTD. What happens in the following scenario? I initially was paid 66.66% of my salary in full by my LTD provider. They assisted in getting me on SSD, & my total monthly payment was divvyed up between LTD & SSD. I have 3 years left (will be 65 years of age) on my LTD policy at which time it will expire. My question is what happens at that time? Do my SSD payments increase by the amount of my LTD monthly benefit? Does SSD pickup the amount that LTD was paying me before my LTD policy expired? Would greatly appreciate any feedback…

  6. Scotty Belcher says:

    I was a Railroad Engineer by trade for 18 years. Prior to that i was a Marine and worked for a bank, then there was college and graduate school et al. Having p layed football for 2 years in college, and being hit head on twice by drunks, the last one nearly killing me, i began to have issues in my 50's. This all came to a head when my supervisor asked me a question and i answered honestly, i cant remember the signals anymore. I was immediately pulled from service and sent for a medical evaluation and i applied for short term disability. It normally takes 12 months for a case to be reviewed and or approved or denied by the railroad retirement board. I am currently receiving short term benefits from Met life, which end in a few months. I was ruled permenantly disabled and awarded retirement by the Railroad Retirement Board. This after seeing one doctor from their side, one psychologist and my neurologist. I had 2 short term disability plans through the union that i paid noting for and they paid like clock work. I opted to pay for the Long term through met life on payroll deduction. Now They keep asking for more information and more information doctors notes from visits et al…..IM quite sure from the mans tone they are looking for a way to deny my claim, i paid for this and if i have to fight them i will, at least while i can because i was diagnosed with early onset dementia……WHO is gonna hire me at 54 with Dementia…..and the govvernment already classifying me as disabled….Im not very happy with met life right is honestly a challenge to keep up with ally my doc appointments and things at the moment, i dontneed the addded stress

  7. Stephanie Morris says:

    Wish we had found this video a year ago after my husband head injury at work resulting in constant headaches, migraines and carpel tunnel syndrome. Sedgwick is making this process so hard.

  8. Chuck says:

    If you request a lump sum buyout, how long should you wait for the Insurance company to respond to that request? I am on LTD and have another 4-1/2 years to it's completion. It does have a COLA clause in the contract. I requested the lump sum buyout about 6 weeks ago and have heard nothing other than their actuarial analysis is taking place and could take time. In the meantime, no LTD monthly payments are being made by the insurance company. What is your recommended course of action?

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