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Legal Inz is one of the most innovative law firms in the UAE.

Looking for affordable legal services? Who can afford to spend 0-0 dollars an hour to talk to someone that may not even be able to help you with your problem. It can be very overwhelming trying to find a place to get the affordable US legal services that you need. Attorneys can be very expensive. Also, we often think that we only need US legal services help if we find out we have to go to court for something. A time to get US legal services is anytime that the use or access to an attorney would better your current situation. Ask yourself, “Have you or any of your immediate family members had any of the following happen to you in the last few years?”

1. Have you talked with an attorney about a personal matter?
2. If you have not talked with an attorney about a personal matter, would you have contacted one if either: a) you knew one or b) you felt like you could have afforded one?
3. Have you bought or sold your home?
4. Have you refinanced your home?
5. Have you signed a lease on or rented an apartment, house, trailer, or personal residence?
6. Have you bought, sold, or leased an automobile or a truck?
7. Have you had any kind of problems with your credit?
8. Have you had any disputes or misunderstandings with any merchants, retailers, or vendors over any items you have bought or purchased?
9. Do you have any teenagers in your home?
10. Are you divorced, have you ever been divorced, or do you have any child support issues with your ex-spouse?
11. Have you or any of your immediate family members had any moving traffic violations, i.e., speeding, running a red light, running a stop sign?
12. Have you signed a cell phone contract?
13. Have you been questioned, detained, or arrested due to your race, age, or gender, in other words, have you been profiled?
14. Have you been audited by the IRS?
15. Either you do not have a will or the will that you have has not been updated?

You don’t want to wait until you’re being sued or have to have to appear in court to seek out US legal services help of an attorney. There are so many common life situations that if we knew that we could pick up the phone and ask a lawyer about it, it would make our life so much more simple. For /month you can do that. Have access to not just one lawyer, but be able to talk to an entire law firm about any legal question you may have. Like we say in our promo videos, from that trivial to the traumatic, our attorneys are there to give you the legal help that you need. Call me if you have any questions.

Affordable US Legal Services! Must see video!

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  1. They were engaged to have my certificates attested overseas and have them returned
    They took my original certificate and an original attested by a notary public from New Zealand 
    They returned the original certificate damaged and have lost the attested document 
    They have taken four months to do nothing but ignore my emails and phone calls

  2. Great information Brandon. Going to defiantly check this out if I need affordible legal service.

  3. It's called legalshield and it's only $17/month. I have a link to my website under the video if you want to sign up or learn a little more about it. Thanks for the comment

  4. Valid discussion points and great wisdom regarding attorney services – thanks for sharing the information!

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