Legal Information : How to Find Free Legal Advice

Legal Information : How to Find Free Legal Advice

Find free legal advice by checking Web sites on the Internet, or by examining the threshold guidelines of the state for qualification purposes. Get tips on resolving important legal conflicts with advice from a certified family mediator in this free video on legal information.

Expert: Robert Todd
Bio: Robert Todd is the managing partner and president of Robert M. Todd, P.A. and Family Law Solutions.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

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  1. Does the document become 'Certified true copy' when signed by the Commissionaire of Oath or it must be a Notary in Canada?

  2. Is it legal for Dr. to put patient on 4 pain pills a day after major foot surgery. But my son told them, he wanted to get off. So he was down to 3 a day, went in for appt., with him expecting them to write script for 2 per day. They told him they could no longer see him, after he was doing his part weening himself off. He begged them to please help him get completely off. They said no. Is this legal? Iā€™m his Mom. He lost his wife, Home, and only gets to see his precious little boys every other week. Can you u please write me back? Thank you!!!

  3. Ohhh Only if you make less than a certain income can you receive FREE legal advice.
    I make $60K, but with super high taxes and repairing my home I am broke,,,so I do not qualify, Consider we live in a society where everyone sures eanyone for NOTHING AT ALL< and the court system makes you answer the false charges and if the liar has a very good attorney, YOU will lose if you do not fight the lie…What a scam,,There should be FREE legal advice for anyone who is treated unfairly.


  5. Heres some Legal advice. It's ILLEGAL to use a LEGAL NAME. Google search "Legal name fraud" and see why your a criminal and aiding and abetting into fraud by CROWN copy-write law.

  6. Absolutely right on. You get what you pay for. Most people don't qualify for legal aid, they seek it because they want legal services for free. Even when they qualify the waiting lists are very long or legal aid doesn't handle their kind of legal situation.

  7. What kind of sick people called celebrities are worth millions for making movies to cause violence to innocent people families and ignorant songs to continue to get innocent people killed and NEVER met them. Then the dirty ass FBI come to you about a fucking Nancy Pelisi. No body does that but devils, evils, and SADIST. No one acts like these illiterate people on the streets with my history but ghetto whores and no good thug dealers who should be dead. I will NEVER affiliate myself with these low lives. They are the cause of all this violence. They are NOT worth millions. They are no more worth a box casket. They need to stop acting like they know me. I HATE these people.

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