Legal HD Episode 74 – Arrest Warrants and Your Rights

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12 thoughts on “Legal HD Episode 74 – Arrest Warrants and Your Rights”

  1. They issue warrants for parking tickets. What is the seriousness of arrest for a parking ticket? Abuse of process. Disrupt someones freedom over a parking ticket. What the hell do they think they are doing? Our courts and police are corrupt, and try to get witnesses to the actual thief who is stealing from our community for the last seven years admitted to psych unit to shut them up. True story. Label them as mentally incompetent so they cannot testify who they saw carrying off their property.

  2. I wish all of the tv shows that we had these days are like this. Shows like these are crucial because it opens the public on how laws and rights should be utilized. Sadly, tv shows nowadays are mostly teleserye that is nothing but nonsense.

  3. way if po kung may dismissal n po n bnigay ng fiscal then after one month may Apila po ung complainant after eight days may motion of reconsideration wat can I do

  4. Corporation can not mess with freedom education to self is best then u file complaints and sue big they can never prove the rules stand as common law no satute is law a trick

  5. I hope more people would watch the show, not only this particular issue but all the episodes of the show. Very informative  and interesting.

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