legal Aid funding – Florida is one of a few states that does not fund!

Legal Aid funding should be done by the state. The courts and the bar are not helping people when they enforce the UPL Statute – so that lawyers can overcharge!
I have included some approaches to help low income people when they are dealing with the Courts.
Take away the Public service exemption in the Rules so that judges and lawyers who are working for a government agency can do non-legal pro bono – if there would be a conflict! I am not a lawyer but can certainly respond to legal questions based on my training. I do not have to be a lawyer – I have a JD degree from an

ABA law school and passed the Florida Bar (but not a lawyer)

cameras in courts follow

Assistance of Counsel

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2 thoughts on “legal Aid funding – Florida is one of a few states that does not fund!”

  1. The date today is Aug 13th 2019…..1st, are you still willing to help someone desperately in need of legal advice for a civil judgement placed on my Florida DL? None criminal, not ticketed, and NEVER PROPERLY SERVED.
    Just found out after living in Cali since 2012 that it is "now suspended" since early 2017….I moved from California back to Florida Dec. 17th 2018 and living with my daughter, not working due to no lisense and a host of health issues.
    I seriously need help and direction on how to submit a "a lift judgement"
    Please help!

  2. Yes, Florida is, how did you put it? Strange? Also, before I rant/vent, good video, and thanks for doing something/at least trying to push change, and help others.

    I wanted to file a report on a doctor, I didn't have internet at the time so couldn't download the form. I snail mailed the same person ether 2 or three times and they refused to send me the forms. THEY were going to decide whether I was able to d a report of not, and my right be damned. I call them very shady/above the law, and see it as strange they are so blatant about it.

    Had to use legal aid once and the lawyer did nothing but show up at my SSI disability denial case, I lost it. Got it eventually but I never should have been denied, as the handicap is extremely obvious. Had I paid a lawyer, which I could not do, I might have gotten it.

    The reason your video caught my eye was I have something very important, to the point of life changing, now going on and am going to have to deal with legal aid again. I'm actually scared to death I will lose because no one will really cares. I don't know that and hopefully that won't be the case and they will surprise me…but past experience has me wondering

    I have a few stories about how the sate is abusive towards elderly/handicapped that are going on now that I'll not comment on for the moment. I honestly believe Florida wiould just a soon put their handicapped seniors out there and let them get killed in order to save them the money/hassle of having to deal with them. I'm dead serious lol, I know because that is exactly the position they have put me in. One can all but beg them for years, and they just lie and put one off then play, Blatantly Blame the Victim..

    A sad State.

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