Legal Aid and Other Low-Cost Legal Help

Legal Aid and Other Low-Cost Legal Help

This guide was prepared for general information purposes only. The information it contains is not legal advice. Legal advice is dependent upon the specific circumstances of each situation. Also, the law may vary from state to state. Some information in this guide may not be correct for your state. To find local resources, visit and
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  1. In Iowa its a number that offers NOTHING! I have desparately sought a lawyer since 2014 no one cared that I was slandered with malice. In 2018 that same person who lied me onto elder abuse after she harrassed my mom calling mom 70 times a week to bully mom to Granbury Texas. June 3rd 2018 my half sister called the sherriff department. This was dometic violance.A hate crime. Not one of my half sister's stayed with the narcississ my half sister is as long as mom has been forced to.

    I am way below poverty.

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