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Online legal advice services: Most effective, accurate and instant legal advice by highly qualified legal brains which is very accurate, effective, time-saving and cost saving. We have a team of excellent legal brains for all such services under one roof.

Legal chatting services: We specialize in providing all kinds of legal chatting services The client is asked to send his query with supportive documents which is evaluated and the client is requested to deposit the professional charges. Thereafter the matter is taken up by the expert attorney who interacts with the client through chatting and provides the requisite advice to the client based on the requirements. This mode of legal advice has a wider reach and is quick, effective and accurate.

Telephonic legal advise and teleconferencing: We have in- house Attorneys and Advocates to provide telephonic legal advice on teleconferencing. Our team of online advisers provides most effective and quick advice services through This service provides instant advice to any legal problem and the attorneys at our back office are equipped with all kinds of material to provide the advice on telephone
An expert panel of lawyer and counselors they would,

Listen to the client’s issues and provide phone counsultation .

Provide general awareness from legal point of view.

Help the client mentally to prepare themselves to fight for their rights.

Solve the family issues in an amicable manner if possible.

Help the client to decide what they have to do next.

Introduce them to the concerned subject expert lawyers if they need any legal help.

Provide the estimate time & cost required for their case.
Legal Online Advice
In such a situation, You require the guidance of an entity who:

– is above the whole situation and is seeing it as a spectator or observer and is not a player in the situation, 

– is the knower of the three aspects of time (the past, present and the future),

– can see the situation from all dimensions or perspectives, 

– is beyond all influences and is impartial, 

– is extremely pure and clear,

– knows your benefit and harm more than you know it yourself, 

– someone who is selfless and is concerned for my well being the most, etc. 
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मुफ्त कानूनी सलाह:-
पारिवारिक मामले, सिविल, आपराधिक, तलाक, संपत्ति, तलाक, गुजारा भत्ता, घरेलू हिंसा (डीवी), अंतरिम रखरखाव, 125 सीआरपीसी, दहेज उत्पीड़न यू / एस 498 ए, महिलाओं सेल शिकायत के
लिए संपर्क करे ।
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Legal Online Advice
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