Lawyer Up: Family Law Advice (S1:E2)

Watch Lawyer Up with attorney Tyrell Clemons of the Clemons Law firm and get practical free legal advice on family law issues and challenges. This week Attorney Jacinta Jones, a family lawyer, joins in and shares free legal advice on such issues as dividing the family home, dealing with joint bank accounts and other assets and what happens to the children in matters of legal separation and divorce.
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Alex Falconi is the creator of the YouTube channel “The Proper Person” and the website “Our Nevada Judges” and he is my guest today and we are going to be talking child custody and family law.

Alex went through a 8 year high conflict custody battle and divorce without an attorney for the most part while his ex had an attorney. In spite of that fact, he was able to get primary physical so legal custody after 6 years and then 2 years later had his ex wife’s parental rights terminated. He did this all on his own and it inspired him to create his YouTube channel “The Proper Person” to help others in the same situation.

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  1. I love Alex's work – but what is "awesome" about a boy losing his real mom. I was alienated from my mom because she lost her rights for making some mistakes and I can tell you I have permenantly been scarred not having her in my life – even though my step mom was great.

  2. I can't believe this! When I was going through my divorce and custody trial, yours and Alex's channels were the BEST sources of info and basic guidelines. I credit both you guys with getting me through it. I learned SOOO much from both your channels. I can't believe you guys have come together like this! So awesome!!!

  3. PLEASE do a video about when one parent is here on a visa from Africa to go to college and one is a US citizen how does that affect a child custody case

  4. Very cool the two of you connected. I been following both of you for 1 year now. Very helpful. Although every single case is different. Thank you! The perception of judge is unknown everytime.

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