Lawyer Up: Domestic Violence, Part 1 (S1:E3)

Tune in to Lawyer Up with attorney Tyrell Clemons of the Clemons Law Firm and join in on the violence against women and domestic violence conversation. Listen to real victims, share real stories with a real attorney. Help increase awareness and hear facts and statistics about violence against women in the U.S. Every nine seconds a woman is abused in America and you will learn some of the warning signs of domestic violence and the victims of violence against women and men and where to get help.
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One thought on “Lawyer Up: Domestic Violence, Part 1 (S1:E3)”

  1. Before this video, I have NEVER heard a woman or man who was in a violent intimate partner relationship laugh when s/he told incidences of her/his abuse….for the record, arrest in domestic violence is now (and has been for years) mandatory…there is even a such thing as dual arrest (do your research) and there is NO more dropping the charges; since women were constantly backing out after pressing charges against their abusers, that decision was taken away from them plus women (men) being able to press charges only made it harder for them if they accepted the abuser back once s/he is released… do your research and stop acting like domestic violence is a joke because I believe if I could get 10 "real" domestic violence victims together, they only one laughing would be the one in this video…by the way Plymouth isn't that small that every authority figure (doctors, lawyers, police) would be in cahoots against a domestic violence victim

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