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Real Questions and Real Answers regarding Colorado Family Law. Since December 1973, we have been providing excellent legal services in Colorado. Whether it is divorce, separation, maintenance, or parenting plans we know the courts, judges, and most importantly, we know the law.

I know that if your are seeking help in family law then this is a stressful time for you and that is where our experience counts most. We treat you with respect and understand that you need explanations, not just forms; attention, not voice mail. That said, we can also
help you save time and money because once you become part of our family then we give you the best of both worlds: human understanding and attention as well as superior legal advice and strategic counsel.

While no attorney or law firm can guarantee any result, especially in family law, experience counts a great deal. I have handled over 5,000 cases in my career. Especially in family law simple and quick can sometimes become complicated and expensive; when selecting
a firm, you might want to ask about the experience level of your specific attorney in your county, with your judge.

Our goal is to meet your needs by exceeding your expectations. In that pursuit, we must first understand your personal circumstances. We will answer your questions in plain language specifically in relation to your situation, always with the respect you deserve.

Call our HELPLINE at 303-409-3561 for a confidential, person-to-person consultation at no cost.

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