Justice For Veterans: Undesirable Discharges

This is a glimpse of what U.S. veterans experience, in particular those who chose to speak in this clip discussed undesirable discharges and the toll it can take on a veteran’s life.

If you want to help us build solutions to the issues veterans face, please visit http://www.techforjustice.org/veterans-hackathon/.

Tech For Justice® is hosting a veterans hackathon to develop community models and technology tools to improve access to justice for veterans and those who aim to support them.

Who you are helping:

– Veterans who need legal support and other resource help for problems such as lack of benefits, housing & homelessness, psychological problems, domestic violence, employment, criminal justice and more.
– Legal Aid offices that aim to provide free legal help to veterans, but are overburdened by expensive and time consuming processes.
– Advocates who aim to find new ways to support veterans.

You can also donate here: https://igg.me/at/veterans-hackathon/x/16028369
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4 thoughts on “Justice For Veterans: Undesirable Discharges”

  1. The crazy thing is marijuana is becoming more and more decriminalized and legal across the states. So, they are kicked out for something that’s legal at state level!

  2. If vets get tost in trash at drop of a hat then. Many who learn of such rong treatment. Will figure why volunteer or stay in.

  3. USMC 1966-1970, 3rd MAW. Currently in The CAVC for 2nd time on thirteen year Claim/Appeal. Received UD in 1970 with over two years honorable service. Was diagnosed: PTSD, Anxiety, Depression. Ironically, Attorney discovers in 2018 that VA/BVA has used WRONG legal standard to adjudicate my case. Due to present Appeal at Court 12/20/2018

  4. I got a lower back injury during boot camp. But I was given an other than honorable discharge from the marines. How do I get it upgraded ?

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