4 thoughts on “Judge Michael Warren”

  1. I like him altho he sentenced me to 9mos bcz he was mad i absconded and i have no criminal history also it was a rental car that was returned late but he didnt look at all the facts before he sent me to jail.. Ummmm i can say he isnt racist i believe but he is a douche bag and doesnt believe in innocent until proven guilty…u gotta prove ur innocence bcz he sees u as the big ad wolf!!! Hmmmm

  2. Judge Warren convicts people with no evidence or proof. He regularly places no contact orders between fathers and their children but does not place those same orders between mothers and their children. Judge Warren does no believe in INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY and he is more concerned with reelection than justice. He is up for reelection and needs to be removed from the bench.

  3. True to Jg Warrens words: "the partisan atmosphere today is hyper critical… and polarization" is not only limited to politics-but has raised its ugly head high in the Judiciary-that "good/potentially good judges just can't stand up against them. Good judges are being attacked/ threatnd by opposing party's to make bias judgmts or loose all he's worked for: +10 yrs colg, bench, child future; prestige book,- for who, a non-lawyer trying to get justice v Corp? NO! C# 07-082217CZ. See my Book

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