Job cuts coming to local legal clinic

A popular Parkdale-area legal clinic says they are being forced to cut half of their frontline workers.

Britt Wegner of the Milwaukee Bar Association appeared on Wisconsin Tonight to talk about National Law Day Saturday, May 4th. People can get free legal advice at various locations around Milwaukee.

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11 thoughts on “Job cuts coming to local legal clinic”

  1. Parkdale Legal Aid leads to nothing but an onslaught of frivolous lawsuits because the people using their services aren’t paying a dime and couldn’t care less that they’re a vexatious litigant. Meanwhile the unfortunate person being sued has to pay tens of thousands for their own legal fees to defend against the Parkdale nonsense. The taxpayer funded litigant will drag a case on forever because it’s all just a game to them that they don’t have to pay anything for, and the losers at Parkdale who encourage it are frauds. Thank God the taxpayer treasure chest is being pulled back. The only thing better than this is seeing that hole close it’s doors.

    I hope this gentleman being interviewed here reimburses the clinic for the costs he incurred one day if he's genuinely grateful. 
    But I suspect he will not, instead he will most probably complain that the government handouts he receives is NEVER enough.

  3. Local clinic are funded by Ontario, federal government and the law foundation. If people read the reports it seems like they are running a deficit of 25.5 million; the three causes they listed was financial eligibility overspending, increase of refugee demand and existing operating pressure. Instead of blaming the provincial government for cutting spending, we should be asking the federal government to give out more; why does the provincial government have to eat the cost when the federal government was the one putting the excess cost to our province.

  4. Runs for office promises to reduce incompetent over spending leading to largest subfederal debt in world, wins election. media crys foul while digging up ever rock about every topic and twists it into division. The whole while claiming impartiality.

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