Injured at Work: Why you NEED a Workers’ Compensation Attorney (California)

California Workers’ Compensation Laws are too complicated to handle on your own. Here are the REASONS WHY YOU NEED a Workers’ Compensation attorney
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Houston Work Injury Lawyer Helps Texas Workers Injured on the Job Houston work injury lawyer Marc Whitehead helps Texas workers who suffered on the job injuries. Texas workers are frequently exposed to dangerous conditions in the work place that can cause serious injury, and some employers do not subscribe to the Texas Workers Compensation. They must still protect employees. Even if Workman’s Comp is provided, it may not be enough, and third party injury claims may be filed. Texas personal injury attorney Marc Whitehead , Attorney at Law, LLP can assist if you have been injured on the job and denied compensation or benefits, including social security and long term disability benefits.

Marc Whitehead & Associates, Attorneys at Law provide comprehensive legal representation to clients in Houston and throughout the Texas Gulf Coast. Houston personal injury attorney Marc Whitehead is a nationally certified social security disability attorney. He has earned local and national distinction by personally designing a legal strategy to best suit each individual case.

Firm founder Marc Whitehead is Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, a rigorous and demanding certification process. For a free consultation, call (713) 228-8888 or visit

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