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The old method of managing a business’s legal matters was hiring an attorney or a team of lawyers, or just a big, famous law firms. Hiring a law firm can be extremely high on costs and resources as there is no fixed fee system. Large law firms charge by the hour and it becomes difficult for the business to afford such legal services.

Virtual General Counsel (VGC) is an expert or a team of experts who handle all the legal requirements of a business relating to documentation, litigation, licensing, registration, employment disputes, compliances, etc.

A virtual GC is an outsourced legal counsel who can provide the complete legal solution to the business at a fraction of the cost that traditional law firms charge.

A virtual legal counsel provides a unique legal services model by presenting its services on demand of the business. Legal teams that provide virtual legal services work on a fixed-fee basis for the period the business requires their services.

Outsourcing legal services to a team of subject-matter experts is highly beneficial for the business as a small business is able to afford the same quality of services that law firms provide at much higher costs.

With a virtual legal counsel, businesses have an entire team of legal experts at their disposal to get the best solution for their legal requirements round the clock! Companies do not need to search for reliable and trustworthy lawyers as they have a team of lawyers whom they can trust and rely on for accurate and efficient legal management of their business.

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