How to Speed Up the Family Court, win Child Custody hearing, end Child Support, and end Delays?

How to Speed Up the Family Court, win Child Custody hearing, end Child Support, and end Delays?

What do you do when you are not getting to see your child, your child says they don’t want to see you anymore, and you are being told that someone else is going to be appointed to decide what the court will do next about you not getting your child? And it is taking forever!

This video covers what it takes to keep your child out of the middle, get out of the endless cycle of nonproductive hearings, out from under experts, how to shut down claims from causing you long periods of loss of time with your child, how to maintain your privacy and dignity by challenging psych evals and other studies, how to challenge incorrect child support orders, how to end court delays, end wrongly assigned supervised visitation, as well as keeping your pocketbook out of the hands of the court. Once you master this information you continue to stay in control over your own life after divorce or child custody battles, not the courts, and not your ex.

If you are facing enforcement of child support orders that are based on incorrect income figures that the court has refused to fix, you’ll find the #1 way to fight back in this video.

I didn’t think that Sherry and Ron B Palmer could make a more powerful video than the one on Challenging Temporary Orders until this one came out. This webinar takes Challenging Temporary Orders video many giant steps farther. This one is jam packed with how to shut down family court abuse of power, keep your child out of the middle, and finally put an end to missing time with your child once and for all.

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John Griffith talks about paternity actions to establish paternity and custody rights outside of a marriage.

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Hi my name’s John Griffith. I’m a divorce and family law attorney here in San Diego, California. This is one of a series of videos aimed at addressing common issues that come up in California divorce and family law cases. I should note that what I say shouldn’t be construed or taken as legal advice, it is not intended to be legal advice. If you want legal advice you should call a family attorney and talk specifically about your case. My office offers free consultations; if you’d like to discuss your case individually with me, give my office a call and ask for John. Today I’ll be talking about what’s to called a paternity action in California law. And a paternity action is an action to establish paternity and custody rights for a child that was conceived outside of a marriage. So if you have a child of a marriage then custody rates are determined as part of the divorce; if you’re not married to the mother or the father of your child and you want to establish custody rights and custody orders and things of that nature and child support orders, what you need to do is file what’s called a paternity action. And either party can file a paternity action. Generally if it’s the father that wants to assert parentage and establish a custodial relationship with the child, he would file a paternity action in order to obtain some kind of visitation order or custody order. Now if it’s the mother and she wants to receive child support then she needs to have the court establish a judgment of paternity, and unless the court determines that that person is the father the child they can’t make orders for child support. So it’s important that you file that paternity action, get a judgment of paternity. From the judgment of paternity the court can then make orders for child support binding the father of the child to pay child support. Now if you’ve received a petition for paternity it’s very important that you respond to it. If you’re the father of a child that receives a petition to establish paternity, and you have some reason to dispute the paternity of the child, and you do not respond to the petition for paternity, then the court could enter a default against you finding that you are the father the child. Now if you’re the father of the child then you agree, the mother files the paternity action, you agree that you’re the father of the child, then all you have to do is go tell the court that you have no dispute with the paternity, and the court can enter a judgment of paternity deeming you as the legal father of that child. Now it’s very important that if you have any doubt whatsoever, you request that you take a paternity test. Because if you go ahead and tell the court that you’re ok having the court deem you as the father of the child, and at some point down the road you find out that you’re not the father, if two years have passed from that judgment of paternity then you’re not going to be able to go back and contest paternity in most cases. And so while you may not be the biological father of that child, you are the legal father of that child subject to child support orders until the child turns eighteen. It’s really important if you’re going to agree to paternity that you’re sure about it. If you have any doubt just ask the court to order a paternity test, and you can take care of it that way. Now paternity actions are different than divorces; there’s a lot of things that you need to look at, not only with respect to paternity but also the underlying order such as custody, visitation, and child support. My office is experienced in handling paternity actions.

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20 thoughts on “How to Speed Up the Family Court, win Child Custody hearing, end Child Support, and end Delays?”

  1. I watch all of these videos and both parents are there in my case my ex girlfriend has never been there but her name is on all the paperwork my son is 19 and has absolutely nothing to do with because his mom has brainwashed him into hating me even though I have court order joint custody I haven't had any time with my son in over 14 years but I pay child support they have thrown me in jail three times now

  2. This information is very thought provoking. However once you enter the courts it's very hard to execute this due to intimidation and lack of knowledge from most parent. I hate our judicial system.

  3. Its an unconstitutional for profit private business- harming children & fit parents daily. They intentionally place children in dangerous homes (foster care) and IGNORE ABUSE this is a child trafficking industry & MUST BE SHUT DOWN…. families everywhere need to rise up

  4. In order to restore my rights under the constitution – Is there a specific process? Can I bring it up in my Motion to Reconsider hearing that is coming up? Or do I have to file a specific motion for my Constitutional rights to be restored if I unknowingly forfeited any of my rights? Please help – you can email me at if it is easier for you. Look forward to hearing from you.

  5. How do I contact you, I truly need your help/advice on what you have stated in NV. Thank you! Kimberlee

  6. Are you a “Left Behind Parent” who has been victimized by Family Court Corruption?

    The term “Family Court” is designed to portray itself as a judicial institution that looks out for the “best interest of a child” – the overwhelming reality for many is the discovery that the name of the court—like the industry and players that stem from it (judges, divorce lawyers, mediators, custody evaluators, and Title IV-D beneficiaries) is often a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    By the time a “left behind parent” looks around and identifies the non-adhered to court procedures, administrative rule non-compliance and abundant violations of many rules of professional conduct and understands the true nature of the apparatus at play it is often too late because those institutions and people tasked to help you have shown their true colors — and they have little to do with the symbolism of “the best interest of the child.

    Family Courts display true clashes that pit the spirit of the law versus the letter of the law in a manner that tears parents’ lives apart, harms children and financially ruins so many people while sustaining a thriving, corrupt and lucrative criminal enterprise.

    The institutional corruption – especially in cases of parental child kidnapping – is a more mechanical environment that many players operate within and manipulate. Elected family court officials who hold the power of reforming the many laws and practices in state legislatures across the country should recognize the large numbers of the voting public where such ordeals of divorce and custody impact large constituencies that are not only sizable but bipartisan, whereas reforms to these systems are number one issues to them.

    While many of the elected officials receive letters, phone calls, e-mails and in-person appeals from parents caught, and tormented, in these ordeals little actions or improvement come to fruition and instead many often get directed elsewhere in a never ending wild goose chase.

    The International Criminal Court Against Child Kidnapping ( has worked with probably 50 parental child kidnapping cases across the world. Our experience shows that there is no responsibility and no accountability in the corrupted family court system.

    Scores of cases of exhausted families and troubled children. It has been beyond to turn back on these suffering, crying, and sometimes beaten down individuals. The system cannot be trusted. It does not serve the people. It obliterates families, most often protects the child kidnapping parent and financially destroys the “left behind parent” simply because it has the power to do so.

    As “left behind parents” stand up for their constitutional and human rights in increasing numbers and engage the family court system they often find many of their worst nightmares confirmed as to how crooked things are while absorbing the enormous stress and emotional scarring and trauma that can only come when your beliefs and faith in the law and judiciary system are ruthlessly and utterly shattered.

    When some of the physical symptoms of a parental child kidnapping victim first appear, many people have the fear of thinking they are having a heart attack, blood sugar imbalance, severe allergic reaction until it is eventually diagnosed as issues relating to anxiety and often described with many of the same symptoms as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) albeit in these ordeals it can be termed as Legal Abuse Syndrome.

    The institution, which is the Family Court judges and parties culpable for causing so many psychological, mental and emotional damages are the same ones claiming to be for the “child’s best interest” the ones that often force the wrongfully retained child to live as an illegal immigrant instead of returning the child to its legal domicile and thus destroy many “left behind parents” ability to provide for their child’s well-being and their own.

    The evidence of liability as to the damage and role played by these courts and their accompanying players upon the many mothers, fathers and children can be seen in the lives they devastate as the “left behind parents” are stripped of their rights without due process, property, savings, monthly incomes and ability to provide for their children, families and themselves and in the worst cases denied their freedoms via incarceration in modern-day debtors’ prisons. One only has to review the data of the many cases in these courts in cross-referencing and analyzing the simultaneous home foreclosures, bankruptcy filings, suicides and violence to understand the sources and direct correlations to these courts.

    The International Criminal Court Against Child Kidnapping works on your behalf and reviews the procedural standards in each of the states in order to facilitate the introduction of evidence to clarify these cases, to speed up processing of actions against the corrupt judges and make norms for such offences and order a reassignment and declare void all previous unconstitutional judgments and reunite you with your children.

    If you need assistance to recover your wrongfully retained child, please contact us.


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    The Hague – 2595 AR
    The Netherlands

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  7. They said since our son was adult & I was supposedly alimony case but really set to be sold to other men. I had to run scared on a, hurt hip that needs replacement…They interrupted my life & disables me further. Our son came back from war & found he had extra, stress because now I have no correct communications at all. They actually for me defamed who I am completely & refused to help me be ready for my son's next part in life…grand parents & neither of us get proper time, etc. It's terrible we barely talk since 16 years…It's puke!

  8. I wish I would have know of this channel before my divorce. My big mistake– I signed because I did not know better. My lawyer worked with His lawyer. Some of what you spoke of in the beginning, my lawyer also spoke of but I didnt recv'd it. My ex is a very abusive and narcissistic. One of our children came out and revealed that she was being molested by him. While going thru divorce, A police report was made but nothing came of it , I then called CP-end finding – reason to believe – sexual assault of a minor. But the case was closed. I am now facing child support court as he is claiming he does not owe. The AG has been holding my child support since April of 2016 My former lawyer was paid in full but refused to represent me and my children best interest. I never received the signature to take hold of the house. Properties changed from the decree. I spoke to several lawyers and they all asked for money that I do not have or either know of my former lawyer or worst. one of the lawyer said and I quote "well if you get the house, he will have nothing" of course, I still looking.

  9. Your website is not showing anything? 🙁 I tried looking up children's rights I have family court Friday morning! I desperately need this info… Please help??

  10. Help!!! I'm located in Missouri.
    From my lawyer

    It sounds like you are reading the constitution! We actually don't follow federal law in the the family courts- we follow state law. The legal standard for appointing a gal and ordering mediation is different and there doesn't have to be a finding of fitness- to get a GAL the court has to find there has been abuse or neglect(i.e. His allegations and our concerns re medical issues) and it would be in the kids' best interests. Or, alternatively, the court can appoint a GAL if they think it can be helpful. Does that make sense?

  11. You are spot on about the problems of attorneys taking over the case and forcing you into something you don't agree with. My attorney was young and newer and he did exactly the same as my two previous attorneys. He believed the psychological evaluation and tried to force me into signing a settlement out of court that was so ridiculously biased. I'm continuing to fight and I'm not afraid to go pro se anymore.

  12. Putting you in jail is against your constitutional rights because there is no debtors prison. Another argument to make.

  13. Did you know if you are diagnosed with a disorder or disease and receive social security benefits then they can give a percentage of those benefits to the custodial parent. Child support is a cash grab system that doesn't end with your earnings. You'll be paying your former spouse for quite a long time.

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