How to Respond to a Low Settlement Offer in an Injury Case (2018)

Check out these 6 tips on how to respond to a low settlement offer in an accident case. Don’t settle for a low offer.

Use these tips in claims for car accidents, motorcycle wrecks, truck crashes, Uber and Lyft collisions, pedestrian and bike accidents, slip and falls, and much more.

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20 thoughts on “How to Respond to a Low Settlement Offer in an Injury Case (2018)”

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    What do you think is the best thing to do if an insurance company gives you a lower offer?

  2. I really like your straight forward information given 🤕 thank you!! Too bad your in FL I am in AZ.

  3. 4 days ago I was involved in an accident the other driver crashed me from behind, and yesterday my neck hurts, is a good idea to add it to my case? Isn’t too late?

  4. Before reading (or listening/watching) anything, I'll give you the answer:

    NEVER except the first offer!.
    I better be right! I got a college degree by guessing correctly! Just don't tell my cardiac patients this information. What I'm telling you is only supposed to be between me and the YouTube audience. So mind your mouth! And don't tell my wife that I have girlfriend half her age. She gets jealous easily!

  5. My lawyer submitted a demand letter without notifying me. I'm scheduled to start physical therapy for my shoulder. I didn't submit my milage from home or work to medical treatments yet. I didn't submit any hours lost from work because I had to leave early from work to attend medical treatments. Why would my lawyer just send a demand letter to the insurance company without telling me anything? I spoke to my attorney once in 5 months. He called me 3-4 weeks after the accident. After that I wasn't able to get a hold of him anymore. Always in meetings, on lunch breaks, no calls or emails back. Today I get a letter from him saying that he submitted a demand letter. Not sure what to think about this

  6. Great work, but are there ways to get more than the "total loss" offers in property damage cases? I can probably go to court with documentation about what I spent on the vehicle, but I'm trying to figure my chances of getting more money before actually filing a lawsuit.

  7. my medical cost 32000 and insurance offer 13000 they don't believe I get injury from accident I got lower back DISC

  8. So my car was totaled by a drunk driver back in January , I went to physical therapy for a month for soft tissue damage and sprains and the liable parties insurer is paying it’s limits of 15k to me. How much can I expect my side of underinsured motorist to pony up? Or better yet, their limit is also 15k. Or better yet, should I tell my lawyer I don’t want him to accept less than 7.5k from my side? I also had a bad concussion as a result of the accident.

  9. Hi JZ thanks a lot for the information it's very good , I have a question please I have case going on by now is being over one year and a month I have a car accident where my left leg broke twice by the tibia I spent 9 days in the hospital I had a surgery the put a rod inside my leg I went through a lot with all this I had recover and I can walk with a cane because I lose balance while I walk still have to go through an other surgery on my knee but I don't feel like something not good happens when i have to talk about (surgery or accident) just make feel like crap i don't know why , my lawyer said that the city of Miami only offered over 20,000 dollars the lawyer still working on the case but my question is what should I spect I am already over 45 years old and my life is never going to be the same ?

  10. Hey sir, I've been involved in a accident with an 18 wheeler where I received some some lower back and neck injuries. The 18 wheeler was at fault, and their offering a 16,000 offer. Is that a fair deal?

  11. Hi Justine, I love your info. I was just I. A car accident February 12, 2018 I was t-boned by a woman you ran a red light. I was rammed so hard the my car ended up on the side walk and smashed head first into a tree. My car was totaled. I was dazed of course but I was able to get out. I noticed my neck and back in between my shoulder blades were hurting, but I could handle it. I refused to go to the emergency room in an ambulance, but I went to my Dr. The next day, the evening of the accident was when I noticed the pain really getting bad. My Dr. Prescribed muscle relaxers and pain medicine. I noticed the brushing and pain in my neck and back are still there. I think I will go to get X-rays and a cat scan for my head ache that has not stopped since the accident. What do you recommend I do after this. My insurance adjuster has called and wants to hurry up and get me a new car but I have been to ill to get my things out of my old car and sign papers for the repair people to do anything. Help. The other person was taken to hospital so the police have her info, but we have to wait yo get the report.

  12. Thank you very helpful but I would like to know if you do not agree all the fees from the firm what can you do?

  13. i don't get it i have a case that that i have 2 bad disc due to the accident and i was found not at fault and my lawyer is saying i am only going to be getting 10k and that's not discounting her 33 is this possible?i am certain that my case is worth much more than that

  14. Hi.Im at the negotiating phase on my personal injury claim.Total medical $9200 that's including MRI. from soft tissue missed work.healed within 4 months.They offered to pay all medical sent to but not paid by pip . What would a fair offer be? I live in Florida.Thank you😊

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