How to Maximize the Value of my Personal Injury Case

How to Maximize the Value of my Personal Injury Case

You’ve been injured as a result of an auto wreck or some other personal injury claim and you want to know how to maximize the value of your case. My name’s Chris Denmon, I’m an attorney at Denmon and Pearlman, and I want to talk about exactly what we do to maximize the value of your case if you’ve been injured.

The reality of it all is that you have to have your case built, because of the other side, the insurance adjusters and then ultimately the insurance attorneys, they want to pay you as little as possible. Of course, they do, they’re insurance companies. They are big business, they make billions of dollars, so the way the make billions of dollars is to fight your claims to give you the least amount of money possible.

So what do we do? We build your case. How do we build your case? The lawyers, we’re doing our thing to make sure that we can prove fault or liability. So, if there’s an auto wreck, we’re interviewing witnesses and we’re going and we’re talking to the police and we’re taking pictures on scene and all that stuff. That’s what we do.

But what can you do? Well, if you’ve been hurt, you have an obligation, a duty ,to try to get better, okay? That means that you have to go see the right medical providers or treatment providers for you so that they can diagnose you with a record form the very beginning and they can put you on a treatment plan to get better. For some people that are injured in a personal injury claim they are able to get better. They do within six, seven, eight weeks. Maybe the see a chiropractor or some other conservative treatment, and that doctor or chiropractor does their thing and they’re able to get the person better. Which is great, that’s perfect, and those cases have a certain value. It’s not the highest value, because our clients have gotten better, so what’s happened to them isn’t the wort thing in the world.

But for other clients and other people that have been injured, especially in auto wrecks or serious slip and falls, they may have permanent injuries. In other words, they might go to at doctor for six or seven, eight weeks, and the doctor will do, or the chiropractor will do what they can to get them better, and they may feel somewhat better, but ultimately they may have a herniation or a back injury or a tear or something that’s a permanent injury. The sort of thing that not just six months from now, but a year from now, or two years from now, they’re still going to be hurt. In those cases, you need to continue treating. You need to continue fining doctors that are going to help you get better, and if they can’t help you get better, to at least manage the pain.

What we’ll see is we’ll see people start with the conservative care with a chiropractor, and the chiropractor will do the best they can, and ultimately the chiropractor may move them up the ladder so our clients are seeing orthopedic specialists or other doctors that may have more invasive treatment to help my our clients better. Sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesn’t work. Sometimes it helps but it doesn’t actually make our clients better. Then we want our clients to if they need to see a pain management doctor, see a pain management doctor. If they have to go see their primary care at some sort of regular basis, see their primary care.

In other words, always do what you can to try to get better, let us know who you’re seeing, and by doing that it’s a win-win because you’re getting better, or you’re at least managing your pain, or at least keeping your injury from getting worse, and you’re also creating a written record that’s memorialized that we can pull the records of. And at the end of the day, when it’s time to settle your case, we can show the insurance attorney or the insurance adjuster exactly what your story is, exactly how this accident or car wreck or slip and fall as affected your life over an extended period of time. That’s building your case from the very beginning and continuing to do what you need to do to get better, also builds your case and maximizes the value for us when we’re trying to either settle your claim or get into litigation.

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