How to Get a Lawyer to Take Your Case

I am going to tell you how to get a lawyer to “take your case” and that includes potentially lying to the lawyer! You will not hear this information anywhere else! So watch and find out. But of course by continuing to watch this video you hereby agree to never use this information against me or my law firm. 🙂

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Tips on how to choose the best criminal defense lawyer for your criminal charges. For more information on choosing a lawyer in Bryan-College Station, please visit

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About This Video:
In this video, Stephen Gustitis discusses three tips on how to choose a lawyer to defend criminal charges. Clients should be investigating the lawyer’s competence, work ethic, and price before deciding on which attorney to hire. Steve is a Texas Board Certified Criminal Defense Attorney practicing in Bryan, Texas. He has more than 27 years of experience in the field of criminal law and DWI defense in Brazos County and surrounding areas. #lawyers #gustitislaw #attorneys #criminaldefense
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31 thoughts on “How to Get a Lawyer to Take Your Case”

  1. Thank you for the helpful advice. I’m having a hard time finding a lawyer for a sexual abuse case with someone who has more money than you’d ever need . I need help but I can’t seem to find Any it’s wrong he’s going on with his life literally laughing while I’m suffering every day

  2. Answer to bonus content, sale of a vehicle is bought as is. Once the title is signed that's your car now, and the title of vehicle's history isn't even public knowledge.
    That's how you are unable to sue a private seller for a vehicle with no warranty

  3. I feel like lawyers are just so pleasing and helpful before putting money in their hands I’ve had this experience twice already from 5 star lawyers good reviews and everything some do minimal work for allot of money it’s hard to know once you agree to invest thousands of dollars my son is incarcerated and we just hired another lawyer for a recent new case are we as his parents forced to pay the rest of money if the lawyer has not delivered on the smaller less serious charges ? Because we are the ones who are paying for the majority of the lawyers representation.

  4. Im sorry I know that I might have asked you this before. But this is my partners situation. I paid the attorney the amount of representation. My husband was accused of striking a 2 year old child. In the police report it clearly says no evidence was tagged. We had requested for the attorney to gather the videos from the property to prove he didn't hit the child. However the office did not had cameras in the area where the incident occurred. My concern is how come if there is no evidence, the crime can't be dismissed?? The child was never taken to the emergency, and also as I mentioned before there is no evidence tagged. I feel like its unfear that he continues to be incarcerated in his situation. Can you please give me some advise. Also his court days keep getting postponed and the attorney is not communicating about why, nor has even taken the time to talk to my partner to discuss his defense… I feel very disappointed and even worse when I have already paid the fee

  5. mr gustitis with all due respect sir if i may ask anwuick quesiton, generally speaking, if I been in jail already a lil over 12 months going on 13 because ive been granted counsel 3 times that neither did anything about my case and i hired my own(he is a very good attorney) but only to come to the conclusion that I think he a just lying to me he charged me $6,000 dollars to het me to take a 2 piece when I been down 1+ pretrial plus I think my incarceration and refusal to reduce the bond is illegal all in itself… im rambling im sorry… mr gustitis that was not really a quesitom my quesiton to you sir is, is it unethical for someone to be paying for an attorney amd then asks for the attorney to schedule a bond hearing and the lawyer lies and lollygags around the fact is that unethical???

  6. Can I ask for a written agreement of what we will work towards such as fight a case plus pursue a law suit?

  7. I wanted to thank u for your video and your experience. I would like to get your thoughts on having a public defender or hiring a one that I pay. The pro and con. I understand that a public defender is court appointed but is there any con with going with one of those. I was told there case loads is a big concern. Is that true? They don't have a lot of time to invest in just one case. I am looking for a really good criminal attorney for a family member right now he has a public court appointed but it's hard to get a hold of his attorney and his attorney has only talk with him a couple of times. Anyway thanks for video.

  8. I would hire the hell out of this guy (except that I don't drink and I don't live in Texas). To most people appearances might seem superficial –because they are, almost by definition. But the reality is that appearances matter. This guy was blessed with a great voice and he comports himself well. Awesome!

  9. Hey Mr G…I hope all is well. So the update on trying to hire an attorney is not easy. It seem like I’m blacked balled in the system. The start of conversation is great, but once they receive my name, I never hear back from them. This is the “gram of mariju w/intent to sale which is false & firearm possession felony & that’s false. It’s my registered firearm and I have the permit. “My name (jerome MIlls & this is in GA) Please advise thanks again

  10. I picked my lawyer out of two, I choose him due to responsiveness and competence, my only doubt is the lawyer I didn't pick was confident in getting this 5 yr felony lowered to a few, the one I picked I liked his demeanor and ability to be there. I hope I made the right choice

  11. I Sure Wished You Were In Southern California…..In Need Of A Good Trespass Attorney….Great Video …..Very Informative…

  12. Can you make videos of steps of how to Withdraw a Guilty or No Contest Plea. What are the Grounds to argue to prevail?

  13. Hello there.
    I have an PDS which stands for public defence services as my defence lawyer paid by legal aid. I wanted to know if these services work with police during active case. Cause im finding it very hard to trust in this lawyer from PDS???

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