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In this video I discuss some popular attorney directory websites that may assist in finding an attorney for criminal legal services in Arizona.

These sites include: http//
Arizona State Bar Website

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David Shapiro is a DUI lawyer in San Diego, California and in this Google Hangout video he answers the question “How do I find a good lawyer for DUI?”. If you are in need of a DUI attorney in San Diego visit us online at

Well, I think a lot of it has to do with how you find a good lawyer in general. I think DUI’s is a little niche within criminal defense.
0:24 So the first thing you want to do is make sure you list down an attorney who is presentable, an attorney who is not going to hurt you with their poor reputation. Because a lot of attorneys are hacks, who call themselves criminal defense attorneys whether it’s because they can’t get a job doing other stuff and think it’s easy to do criminal defense, which is not or people were just not good attorneys, not good advocates, not good representation of the people they’re supposed to be representing.
0:55 You want to hire an attorney who has been around, who has good experience, who has a good reputation and who is presentable and approachable. Someone who either themselves or their staff, you can get a hold of and have your questions answer in a timely manner whether it is felony DUI or whether it is a first time DUI. Your case is important and you want to make sure you have an attorney who surrounds himself with the right people. Who has that experience, trial experience, motion experience is very important as well.
1:25 I have my fair share of DUI jury trials. I have done my fair share of suppression motions, issues related to DUI cases. A lot of attorneys may claim to be DUI attorneys and they might have done one or two DUI trials in their career. We are all there at one point in time. I’m not mocking them for that. They are going to need to go out there, work, and hustle. From your perspective, all of us being equal, that attorney charge this much and another attorney with a lot more experience who is charging that much. You could do both. Hire a better attorney with a practical in-court experience.
1:58 Another thing to be weary of is there are attorneys out there and say, “I’ve been in practice for 25-30 years. Why are you going to hire someone like David Shapiro who’s been just practicing for 7 years?” You are going to look at not how long that person has been in practice, not how long he has been in practice but how many cases they have done. So if I have over thousand cases in my career and some guys who’ve been doing 25 years is on 500 cases, who are you going to hire? You should hire the attorney who has more experience, more value not just years in practice. Well you can do years in practice doing wills and trusts for the state, you can do years of practice playing golf, you can do years in practice doing civil defense stuff, not DUI defense, not criminal defense.

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