How Much Money can I get for my Motorcycle Accident? Kelly Law Team

John Kelly is a personal injury lawyer and in this video he describes how much money can be made from a motorcycle accident and the factors which are used to calculate amounts.

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Hi this is, John Kelly, from the Kelly Law Team. I want to talk to you about how much you can get from your motorcycle accident. I’ll talk to you about how motorcycle accidents can actually be quite different from typical motor vehicle accident. So we’ll talk about the reasons why these happen, establishing liability, building up your case, talking about the injuries and damages. So first with the reasons for motorcycle accidents are very different typically than an auto accident. Some of those are, you know, just typical distracted drivers on the road. Motorcycles are obviously smaller vehicles, they’re harder to see often, they’re kind of hidden within the traffic so if you don’t have someone that’s paying attention you can often get into a motorcycle accident with someone. Also driver inexperience, if someones on the road and they just don’t have experience with being around motorcycles that often causes these cases we’re seeing. Traffic, just general traffic violations have graver consequence in motorcycle accidents, because if someone changes lanes abruptly that can be a lot harder on a motorcycle accident than a vehicle accident. Also just general smaller vehicle, hard to see, and often can kind of weave in and out of traffic a lot easier, but that causes issues with these accidents. So one of the things that if you’re a motorcycle driver and you gotten into an accident, someone caused it, the first thing that you want to do to make sure that you can get the most out of your motorcycle accident is make sure that you’re establishing the liability, which means who caused the accident and you want to make sure that you’re doing everything that you can to establish that the other person caused this accident. So what you want to do is you want to photograph the scene if you can, if you’re not injured to the point where you’re getting taken away by an ambulance you can often pull out your phone and take photographs of the scene, your motorcycle, the other driver, what damages there were to the vehicles, what damages there was to you. Try to find witnesses that you can talk to that would be willing to talk to the police and that’s the other big thing is you always want to call the police every single time, because if the police come to the scene and establish, write a ticket for someone else that is huge and it goes a long way in establishing liability. People make the mistake of the other party says oh I’m so sorry it was my fault, here’s my information, hey I got to go and they let the other driver drive off without the police ever coming. Well that driver that just drove off often times is going to change their story when they drive off and they may tell the, you know, their insurance, they may go and call then and say look this motorcycle came out of nowhere, I had no chance to move away and then you’re sideways on your liability already. If it’s a serious accident and you’re worried about, you know, what kind of, you know, what happened in the accident and you may be able to establish a bit of information. I often go to the scene of the accident and you can return to the scene to take photographs of, you know, how long the brake marks were, that kind of thing. We can even hire an investigator to do that work, accident reconstructionist are very good at that. Also you want to keep your helmet if it was damaged or just keep it in general to be able to establish that you had your helmet on that can be a issue sometimes if they’re claiming your damages were caused by you not wearing your helmet and keep a journal of your injuries as you’re progressing, how things are going, what’s healing, what’s not, what things you’ve, you know, missed out on. So that’s kind of establishing your liability and kind of sideways into establishing injuries. Injuries are also different in motorcycle accidents in several ways.
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