How Much Does A Criminal Defense Attorney Cost? – Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney Marc J. Victor


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How Much Does A Criminal Defense Attorney Cost? – Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney Marc J. Victor.

I often get asked, how much does a criminal defense attorney cost? To be able to answer this question. First, I need to go over your case with you in detail. Because no two legal cases are the same, it would not be possible to accurately answer this question without a detailed conversation with the client, discussing all the facts in the case.

Most law firms advertise a free consultation, which is really nothing more than a sales pitch on why you should hire them. At my firm, we do not offer consultations, we provide what we call “Strategy Sessions.” Instead of giving you a free 15 minute sales pitch on my law firm, we offer 1-hour strategy sessions where we will spend the required amount of time carefully reviewing your case in detail. We will provide a real strategy of what would be the best way to handle your legal matter.

Don’t be fooled by other law firms offering free consultations that amount to nothing more than a sales pitch. Instead, get a strategy session with an attorney who will listen to your needs and then provide real strategies for your case.

Once we understand what the situation is we will give you:

• Reasonable expectations for your case.
• An explanation of how the system works
• Possible avenues of approach in terms of defending the case
• You’ll get a full picture of where your case is going
• How we would handle it
• What we think needs to be done.

It’s possible you might not need an attorney at all! There are many types of cases where you don’t need an attorney at all, and I’ll not only tell you if that’s the case, I’ll tell you what you should do on your own to get the case resolved. We promise honest advice that you can actually use.

Viewing this brief legal information does not create an Attorney/Client relationship and is not legal advice. Consult an Attorney regarding your specific situation. This is intended only as a general overview of one legal topic.
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