How Long Do Slip & Fall Cases Take to Settle? (Real Examples)

See how long a slip and fall case takes to settle. Learn some of the most common factors that can lead to a faster (or slower) settlement.

See why a 0,000 slip and fall case took 2 years to settle.

(As with any case, there is no guarantee that you get a settlement.)

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Slip, Trip Or Fall At Work Compensation Claims Amounts? ( 2019 ) UK

Hi, I’m Jack from, we’re personal injury claims specialists – we’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we offer a no win no fee service. Today I’m gonna be looking at how much compensation you may be able if you’ve had a slip, trip or fall at work. If you like this video, please do hit that thumbs-up button as this will help us see what type of content people find helpful.

If you’ve been involved in a slip, trip or fall at your place of work, you may be wondering “can i claim compensation for a fall” – and whether that be a claim for slipping on wet floor or any other type of slip trip or fall accident – you may be able to bring a trip claim for an accident as long as that accident was down to the negligence of others. If you’re asking “what’s the average payout for slip and fall at work settlements” I’m now gonna take a look at our claims table, where we’ll go over how much you may be able to claim for your injuries alone and not anything else, which means that your final claim amount may be much larger.

I’d like emphasise that these figures are the amounts that you may receive solely as a reward for the injury itself and does not include the amounts of any loss of income from time off work or any expenses you’ve incurred or may incur as part of your compensation sum, which means that the amount of your claim, is likely to be larger and in order to get a fuller idea of how much compensation for slip and fall injuries you may be entitled to we recommend that you reach out to an accident at work specialist. The good news for you is that offers a completely free consultation where we’ll talk through the accident with you to help you establish what your options are. You can speak to whenever you’d like as we’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 0800 652 7676 or visit our around the clock live chat service at We’ll be able to use our fall compensation calculator to give you a good idea of how much you may be entitled to and let you know the average payout for slip and fall in the uk. Following this consultation, if we believe that we’re able to assist you in bringing a claim, we may offer to represent you on a no win no fee basis, what this means for you is what there won’t be any upfront fees to worry about and if your claim was to lose, then there’s not a penny to pay.

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  1. What do you think is the biggest factor that affects how long a slip and fall case takes to settle?

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  2. My son fell backwards on a broken chair and received a serious concussion he's been out of school for a week we don't know when he will return to school is the school liabl?

  3. Just a question about past settlement you dealt with. Slipped and fell at a parking lot at a gas station. I had a lumbar strain and a hairline scaphoid fracture. $5,000 in medical bills and $1000 in lost wages. I still have pain from week to week on my back. What is the value of past cases that is similar with mine or your estimate… Thanks in advance. Your videos are very informative.

  4. what aboiut my condo settlmentb i fell outside on a painted over 2 inch disc on side walk ijnfront of stairs ,,i i am ready to have surgery implant disc in my neck pinching spina;lcord , does the insurance companys work this way ??

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