How legal aid can help you

Legal aid is a fundamental part of Scotland’s legal system and society. It makes accessing legal representation and advice from a solicitor more affordable for those who need it. Find out more at
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Bring back legal aid for early advice  - Jane's story

Let’s stop legal problems like Jane’s in their tracks. Support our campaign to bring back legal aid for early advice #accesstojustice

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    Trying to get nonprofit status to create legal aid organization to represent black people stay Farms requested sex for money attorney wanted since four years ago no attorney is willing to appeal my case. Therefore legal aid does not exist for black people. I need nonprofit tax exemption to create legal aid for black people. State Farms insurance company must be sued by any means necessary black lives matter. I give food to the homeless giving shelter to the homeless 2010 we Rise Church Ministry homeless shelter Universal Life Church.

  2. But legal aid was removed in 2013 to the majority of these cases, and in the uk you can't get legal aid even against the government in civil matters where they've illegally witheld benefits. Is it different in scotland if so that's unfair I would like to hear if this is the case.

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