4 thoughts on “How Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney Will Impact Your Claim (Ep.5)”

  1. Don't overlook the psychological factors involved in representing yourself, even if you're technically competent to do so. I am an attorney with years of PI experience but would NOT handle my own case because of the emotions involved in constantly having to think about my accident and resulting injuries.

  2. Never let an attorney get your medical records. Call the hospital and request them on a disk for about! $13.50 print them out yourself or if you don't have a printer go to staples with the disk and they can print it out for .11 cents per page. If you let the attorney get your medical records it could cost you $1.49 per page or higher and that could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars and it comes from your settlement. No attorney will tell you this and it happens in all 50 states.

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