How Do Fathers Get Custody of Their Child?

How Do Fathers Get Custody of Their Child?

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Understanding Child Custody and a Father’s Rights:

Understandably, children are often the biggest concern for couples during a separation or divorce. Equal parenting rights should exist for both mothers and fathers in Canada. Too often, during a divorce, one parent turns a child against the other. This unfortunate but common occurrence is known as parental alienation.

In some situations the decision of child custody can be amicably decided by parents at the time of separation.In many cases the parents agree on joint custody. However, there are times where a parent may want sole custody of children. A father’s right to seek a relationship with their child should not be an obstacle and it is for this reason why establishing their rights is key.

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20 thoughts on “How Do Fathers Get Custody of Their Child?”

  1. My son has a 1 month old daughter and found out a month ago. Young women said she miscarried. The baby was born addicted to Heroin. He didnt thing I wd want to raise a Baby w him so he told caseworker there was no one else to care for her. I found out 3 days ago and w my son went to Dshs aka Child protective services. My son since she was born has been dearest and wants to raise his daughter. He went to hospital after she was born and paternity has been established. He held her for an hour. I want to be a Guardian for her to assist in raising her. He is looking up resources for parenting classes and classes of children of opioid addiction. He has a fulltime job. Also signing up for CPR. He also has a huge number of people who are a support system in raising Zarriyanna. Please give advice on what to do. This is Washington state. We have been trying to reach caseworker or social worker in regard to seeing my Grandaughter. It's been over and past the 72 hour time the Caseworker is to respond. We've left voicemails and Called supervisors. Please advise us. I'm good at court paperwork. Just need to know the steps. Also This Monday going to courthouse to meet w court Facilitator and file paper work on this. Please help us. We wd be forever grateful. We are so worried r now. I was in foster care 70s and the 80s. We hear all the news stories. Thank you, hope tr o hear from you very soon.

  2. And the winner is ……. courts and lawyers . Financial RAPE to fathers is the real objective of the game . Hey …. its "LEGAL" !!! Where there is money , there is corruption .

  3. I won with out a lawyer Butt me and the mother agreed on the best interest for our child on top of that she new she could not even win any way ..Michigan

  4. The title of you video is very misleading as you are refering to mediation rather than one or the other parent 'winning' custody in my opinion custody battles would not be 'battles' if both parents are reasonable but these days one parent seems to want to cut the other parent out of their child's life.

  5. Im dealing with babymama drama currently. Im only 22 and she wants child support since she needs money to pay bills.her man dont work and they live in a 3 bedroom house.they dont need an extra bedroom she can probably afford some smaller for cheaper but no. Years back we went to child support office and after paying we agreed on no child support because i do my part. Right now she struggling financially and its really not my problem. Ive been taking care of my son since the womb and i provide everything i can. Sometimes she dont understand what is the difference between my son needing something to my son wanting something.of course i want my son to have everything but this is real life and i have i told her i wont sign papers for child support nomore since last contract we were on and i would be glad to go to court so she filed paperwork now i have a courtdate. All i want is 50 50 custody.i wanna do my part and want her to do hers.if judge decides i pay thats fine aslong as i can get a set schedule to custody rights.since my son was born ive been getting him all weekends shell keep him one weekend out of the month but i want a life to do stuff as well on weekends when theres no work and sometimes having my son has restrictions to what i can do.ive done my part but its always how she wants it.i hate the drama because makes me feel horrible inside bout what im having my son experience but i also hate the way she tries to always have her way.any advice on what would help me on my courtdate?

  6. It's very rare… in Poland only 4% of fathers get the custody after the divorce. So be careful when having sex with a Polish woman. On top of that Polish women are quite hateful after splitting up.

  7. Yes custody battles can be very nasty!! I'm still dealing with mine with my ex husband even after 8 years so very sad!! My ex husband has our 3 children most of the time whyy because he is a liar always made me look like I was an unfit mother every time we went to court why because he is mad even after 8 years of being divorced! I filed for divorce because he was abusive towards me now hes trying to make me suffer by giving me less and less time with our 3 children which are now 17, 14, and 11! I feel bad for them because he doesn't see what its actually doing to our children he doesn't care either!! He wont even co parent with me at all! I even told him about Talkingparents but he wont sign up because he knows the courts will see our conversations 😒 anyways no one really cares anyways!! God sees all….

  8. I’m a young father, my daughter is now 9 years old, when I was in a relationship with my ex I often saw my her not being very interactive with our little girl, I would often be the one pick her up from school, and taking her places to eat or cook for her, talking with the other parents of her friends and the teachers. I than got to a point where my ex wife was forgetting to pick her up, she’s the type to go to yoga and go to these places where she can take pictures, I was really upset cause she was neglecting our daughter and whenever we would take family photos she would get really upset with her when she wouldn’t smile cute enough, this caused fights cause I was telling her that she’s just a kid not something for my ex to exploit on her Facebook or her new insta, I than filed for a divorce after we got into an argument where she said she wanted another kid, I told her she can hardly parent one child so why should I want to it lead to a series of shouts and she tried to hold my daughter hostage in some sick way telling her “daddy is crazy he doesn’t care about you” but all the quality time I’ve spent with my daughter has actually proven that I would do anything for her, my daughter knew the truth and she got in an argument with my ex, I was so happy cause I knew that I was a good father and even someone so young as herself could see as well

  9. Get child involved in therapy and they will tell the therapist everything. Don't tell your child what to say because the therapist knows exactly how a child should tell a story on their own. So if you try and coach your kids on what to say, the therapist can and will turn you in to the courts and have your child removed. Just let the kids be. Let them tell therapist what they want, when they want. Eventually you will have a case all on your own and if your the neglectful, wild crazy one well then you better change cuz your child will say something. After a yr or 3 take therapist to court as witness and have them tell courts what has been said. Done easy peasy.

  10. What about if I’m the biological father but she’s married to someone else what can I do I have tons of proof that I’ve allways being their for my daughters she’s not with the guy they never divorce it’s being 7 years since she last heard about him ?

  11. Trying to help my friend get his son back , his ex left without saying anything and then called up and said she was already gone with the kid and we have not heard from his son and we've been asking her to have him call us, he even bought a phone for his kid to talk to him. She straight up said he's with his dad (her boyfriend) and she can do whatever she wants , what a bish . I said to him take her to court!

  12. what about if a father is lie in court and bruising my child of brainwashing him in a way to say things that are never been true and put DHS but no evidence. could a mother lose her child for a lie father what opinion you can say to me. can help me

  13. Dads can win. Ex moved 6 hours away where she and her boyfriend transferred their jobs. 14 year old son didn’t want to move. Judge didn’t even talk to my son before making the decision in a pretrial hearing with attorneys that my son would stay in the only place he has ever called home.Ex got every other weekend and can come back up here on her non weekends and spend time with him. She tried to say I had never been in my sons life which was a complete lie because I have not ever been out of my sons life. I never wanted anything like this to happen but she made the decision to move. She had the nerve to tell my son that he would go with her because she’s was his mom and would do what she said. I was like oh no he has a dad right here. He didn’t go down there at all until I had a court order in place that would make her bring him back. My son and I walked out of court and when we got outside and away from the lawyer he said DAD I WON I DONT HAVE TO GO DOWN THERE WITH HER!! He was happy as hell at that moment that made all the stress and sleepless nights leading up to the court day worth it. And a little advice to the moms out there if your child doesn’t want to go with you and you push this issue into court like this be aware that you’re pushing your child away at the same time. My son got where he didn’t want to be alone with his mom after she moved and would come up here to see him. If I couldn’t be there because of work I would have to leave work and go pick up one of his friends to be there with him. I told her so she could try and fix this, it was the only right thing to do as that was his mother and I didn’t want that to happen, but she just thought I was lying to her and completely ignored it. We had always both been good parents and I never would’ve walked into a courtroom lying in her like she did me. I really think the judge looked at how she had lied in the papers saying I didn’t care about my son and that spoke volumes about my ex’s character which made the judges decision a little easier. Women know that’s the worse thing you can ever say about a man who has always been there for their kid and that’s why they do it. Plus with the reputation that a lot of men have the woman thinks the judge will actually believe it. A father that doesn’t care would never spend thousands of dollars to fight for a child they’ve never cared about or been there for.

  14. Father's get custody by standing on there rights and not listening to retards like this..father's already have protected liberty interest..this Traitor is stupid as fu**

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