How Do Attorney Fees Work? Can I Get Legal Advice for Free?

How do contingency fees work? Is there a way to get free legal advice?

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On an injury case, the attorneys take the case on a contingency basis. What does this mean? If there is no monetary settlement for the client, there is no charge whatsoever in attorney fees.

Here at Jo Ann Hoffman and Associates, what sets us apart from everyone else, is if our clients don’t get a settlement there is no costs or fees. Do you have large medical bills and a small policy? Don’t worry about “how do I get my medical attention, what will I do if I have more medical bills than can be paid out of the settlement.” The most important thing that sets us apart is that when the client’s settlement comes in, we never take more than the client. Clients never have to worry about getting stuck with medical bills, or their attorney taking all of their money. At Jo Ann Hoffman & Associates, the client comes first, if a client isn’t happy we’re not happy. We are second to none in terms of answering clients, emails, texts, phone calls, you name it we get back to them on a very prompt basis.

Ninety percent of our cases come referred by happy satisfied clients, doctors, and other attorneys; they know we like to take care of our clients.

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  2. We are excited to post a few new promotional videos so you can get to know our legal team and what our law firm is all about – especially our contingency fees, now that's confidence! Again, if you have any questions, we offer a free consultation, just give us a call or submit your contact info on our website for us to call you – couldn't be easier! -Christie, Marketing Coordinator

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