How a Catastrophic Illusion Caused this Boeing 737 to Crash Into the Ground | FlyDubai 981 | 4K

Find out how this Boeing 737 crashed in an attempt to land during a storm in southern Russia.

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catastrophic accident

20 thoughts on “How a Catastrophic Illusion Caused this Boeing 737 to Crash Into the Ground | FlyDubai 981 | 4K”

  1. Holy shit ! Two pilots, a shed load of sophisticated and highly advanced instrumentation, not to mention the input of the ground controllers and the mofos still flew the fucking plane into the ground vertically.
    A Spanish and a Cypriot pilot. Where's that cool, logical Northern European common sense when it's needed ?

  2. I think the pilot flying just got tired of the go-arounds and holdings and decided to put that damn thing down for good!!!

  3. Follow the istrument whether day or night flights. If you want to be sure about the levelling of the aircraft then put some manual instrument to validate.

  4. How much fuel did these fuckers have ? what the two of them suffered from the same allusion at exactly the same time? what was the first officer doing when it was happening? Why was so much trim put in for so long? anybody looking at the primary flight display. . ? Crazy

  5. Eesh some disrespectful arseholes on here. I doubt many of you are even pilots, let alone serious commercial aviators.

    This is a decent carrier, and a reasonably experienced pilot pairing who made one serious mistake at the low point of their body clocks in stressful flying conditions.

    Disorientation happens. It is a killer. That it doesn't happen more often in commercial aviation is a testament to the safety standards in modern flying.

    This is a tragic accident, not carelessness or negligence. Learn, respect, move on.

  6. wonder if 981 is one of those cursed numbers. the Turkish 981 crash is still the worst plane crash with no survivors as Tenerife and 123 both had survivors.

  7. these videos seem so clean you almost forget the plane is gonna crash. it's almost like you're watching a successful landing then bam, something terrible and irreversible happens.

  8. Perhaps the poor pilot was suffering from the illusion that he was a pilot.Another serviceable 737 destroyed by incompetent pilots.Many pilots suffer optical or vestibular illusions.Its not new.Its documented and trained pilots know how to combat it.If you get the illusion you trust the flight instruments,and if you get spatial disorientation you can hand control to the other pilot or engage automation.12 seconds of high speed nose down trim.Thats nuts….MCAs is 9 seconds of low speed nose down trim.Idiot pilot.

    I am afraid the 737 gets a bad wrap because thats what all the new Captains and copilots usually end up flying.Look at all the latest 737 crashes.Young inexperienced captains with young inexperienced copilots.Recipe for disaster.Throw in automation reliance and children of the magenta line syndrome and you get lots of smoking holes.6000 hours doing what?Watching the autopilot fly the magenta line?Nothing to do with the B737.

    The Boeing 737 has 2 well documented design errors in its 50+ year service history.The rudder design and the MCAS design fitted to the MAX series.The rudder design broke a fundamental redundancy rule in aircraft design and was corrected.The MCAS design,although flawed,is not reason alone to lose a 737 hull under any circumstances.So yes the 737 has had its problems,like other commercial aircraft(A320/DC10 etc),but many of its crashes are down to pilots or weather or maintenance.And thats just a fact……

  9. I am thinking the automated flap retraction/extension system is partly to blame causing the pilots to get confused as to what the plane was trying to do.

  10. Start narrating these videos and I'll watch them. If I wanted to read this story I wouldn't be on YouTube.

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