Head Injury Attorney Discusses Concussion Definitions

https://brainlaw.com/video-blog/concussion-definitions/ New York Brain Injury Lawyer Michael V. Kaplen discusses various definitions of concussion. In our legal practice we focus on representing individuals who have sustained traumatic brain injuries. We often are asked by other lawyers, “What is the definition of a concussion?”

Lawyers representing persons who have sustained a traumatic brain injury need to know that the terms concussion and mild traumatic brain injury are often used interchangeably by the medical and legal professions — and that:

The definition of what a concussion is has changed over time as medical science has gained more and more information on brain injuries and concussions.

Because there is no single accepted definition of the term, many difficulties have been caused and at times great injustices to victims of brain injury have taken place because of their attorney’s lack of knowledge of what the term concussion means.

The term concussion is derived from the Latin term, to shake violently and frequently nerve fibers in the brain are damaged by the rapid movement of the brain within the skull.

Essentially a concussion is the disruption of the normal functioning of the brain. The most current and modern definitions of the term concussion makes it clear that a person need not lose consciousness in order for it to be said that they sustained a concussion.
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