Harper Lecture with Craig Futterman: “They Have All the Power”

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Long before Ferguson, the Mandel Legal Aid Clinic at the University of Chicago Law School, collaborating with the Invisible Institute, began the Youth/Police Project in Chicago to improve African American high school students’ experiences with the police. The project focuses on the routine encounters between police and African American youth—interactions that shape how adolescents see police and how police see them.

Craig Futterman, founder of the Mandel Clinic’s Civil Rights and Police Accountability Project, will discuss the experiences of the young people most affected by urban police practices, the project’s work in the Laquan McDonald case, and the implications for a national police reform agenda, including policies that might yield more equitable and constructive relationships between African American communities and police.

Before joining the Law School faculty, Craig Futterman was the director of public interest programs and a lecturer at Stanford Law School. He served as an attorney in the juvenile division of the Cook County public defender’s office, and at Futterman & Howard, where he specialized in civil rights lawsuits, focusing on police brutality and racial discrimination.

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3 thoughts on “Harper Lecture with Craig Futterman: “They Have All the Power””

  1. This Futterman dude is part of the problem. Until Blacks look at crime and their race factually and realisticly instead of emotionally nothing will change.

  2. Craig Futterman, the Leftist liar that says white kids are just as violent and lawless as black ones. What a lie, show us the statistics Craig, I'll wait…tic…toc…tic…toc…tic…toc…
    Blacks aren't victimized by anyone but themselves since they murder 90% of their own. The racist whites that are mistreating them are white liberals like Futterman, who use blacks to further their Leftist agenda. So blacks in general have sold themselves into slavery to masters that don't give a shit about them. Leftists don't care about blacks because if they did they would be pushing straight black males instead of LGBTQ's feminism, and other anti-family agendas. Blacks will never pull out of their funk until they step off the Democratic plantation and stress strong black families with a strong man at the top. The reason white families are more stable and have so-called privilege is because with two parents and a stable family, they build wealth and hand it down to their children. That doesn't happen in the black community. The black community is totally dependent on the success of other Americans who pay the taxes that maintain the entitlement programs that keep blacks afloat.

  3. VERY informative lecture. As an African-American male, 65 years old, a Viet-Nam and Cold War Army Vet, and retired from our Army and ABOUT to retire from civil (when I have to be) service, I am VERY surprised that this particular lecture has only 58 views. Also, I agree that our good Police need to be offered protection from the community when they step up and verify acts of lawlessness in the police force. I feel that those in the police force, from the higher to the lower ranks, must be fired and criminal charges be brought against them for destroyed evidence and otherwise clouding an investigation. All policemen and Policewomen need to make I clear that they do not support a crooked policeman, policewomen, who abuses power by cowardly acting against the very citizens they are supposed to protect and the very citizens who pay their salary.

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