Hannity: Biden Inc. has been exposed


It looks like panic may be setting in, putting Joe and Hunter Biden in all-out damage control. #Hannity #FoxNews

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White House: 'DOJ Not Asking Apple for Redesign'

(17 Feb 2016) A U.S. magistrate’s order forcing Apple Inc. to help the FBI hack into an iPhone used by the gunman in the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, sets up an extraordinary legal fight that carries broad implications for ordinary consumers and digital privacy.
The clash in California brings to a head a long-simmering policy debate between technology companies insistent on protecting consumer data and law enforcement agencies fearful of being unable to access the communications of terrorists and criminal suspects because of more-powerful encryption services.
Within hours of his company being ordered to aid the FBI with special software, Apple Inc. Tim Cook promised a court challenge over a government demand that he said would create a “dangerous precedent” and would be “too dangerous to create.”
In public, meanwhile, the two sides are debating the exact nature of the request. Though Cook said the Justice Department is asking it to essentially create a “back door” into its product, White House spokesman Josh Earnest disputed that assertion Wednesday, saying the government was “not asking apple to redesign its products, not asking apple to create a new backdoor.

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legal aid bureau inc

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20 thoughts on “Hannity: Biden Inc. has been exposed”

  1. rjwilderiii says:

    I dont Know but I have noticed every time North Korea shoots a boom up in the air the virus gets worse. the first ones I noted they shot one at china an then Japan and then South Korea. that was the first time this last week they shots some more up into the air at China again some one needs to check this out monder there air an it is funny north Korea dont many people that are sick.

  2. Larry Johnson says:

    It is time to remove liars and deport them from the United States of America.

  3. Dan L. says:

    What about the Trump family.

  4. Lawrence Zortman says:

    The Bidens and their corruptions I feel are very comprehensive. I imagine it will take us some time to figure out how deeply this goes. And there's the chance that we may not ever reach the bottom. There more bad people than there are good.

  5. Katy M says:

    The Bidens is whistlebrower!

  6. Bill Williams says:


  7. Pamela Hernandez says:

    Get rid of him and Democratic Party

  8. Trapper Bill says:

    as long as there are demonrats still in office nothing will happen THEY are ABOVE the LAW until the American people take a stand and shut down the demonrat party it's not going to change

  9. Soliman Reyes says:

    The never ending corruption of the Bidens and Schiff with media coordination should stop..They need to be locked up for good.

  10. Daniel Joly says:

    why are;nt use talking about nancy ;s son is involved in racketeering like to hear more

  11. Daniel Joly says:

    why cause he was able to they are all on the same side left side been taken the taxpayer for a ride obvious ain;t it rip off the land while they can well times are changing and changing quick their days are#

  12. ronnie ronnboy says:

    the corrupt Democrats are done. vote them all out of the government. pure garbage

  13. Roselyn DeSander says:

    Hannity please reframe reframe from using the same old sentence over and over!

  14. William Shearon says:

    Liberals got nobody to blame but themselves. They had to know this would happen. What, they did not know this would come out when they accused Trump of doing what one of theirs was doing and they knew this! Really?

  15. rick altieri says:

    Adam Schiff and Joe Biden and Hunter all need to be charged with treason vengeance is in the hands of God and Justice is in our hands.

  16. Greg Bungard says:

    Why has Hunter not been investigated, the American people have a right to know.The DC swamp Democrats and Republicans are trying to cover it up hoping it will go away..

  17. pavel fisenko says:

    Praise God ! Americans please continue to pray for Our protection of our President , that he will continue to DRAIN THE SWAMP !!!!!

  18. Tom Seadon says:

    Enough talk! Time for some arrests!

  19. Charlie Monteleone says:

    This is LBJ and J.Edgar Hoover all over again,Democrats have been corrupted since the 50s and will never stop.

  20. David Zarbolias says:

    Where are the spineless republicans, why are they not following up on this. Biden mob mentality

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