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  1. Does the document become 'Certified true copy' when signed by the Commissionaire of Oath or it must be a Notary in Canada?

  2. What if im buying a home and my employer knows this and fires me for going to my closing date that is in a different state that i need to go to in order to sign for my home . Does my employer have the right to fire me for this??

  3. I have a no contact. It does not mention the grandkids names. The have in her wording family. Does this I can’t to talk my grandchildren?

  4. I've needed legal counsel for the past 5 yrs. I'm stalled, stalked, mislead, and played. Fake web, round the clock surveillance, and each time I walk in the door of my house, I find damage to everything. The last couple times I went shopping, I didn't get a chance to wear any of the clothes. Every item has small holes. The people who claim to love me sit back and allow me to suffer while my every right is stripped from me. I desperately need an attorney who specializes in civil rights violations.

  5. my dad had dementia, we went to landlord and explained that this man who was post stroke could not live live alone and was unsafe in home due to dementia. the landlord went to my dad and told my dad that his kids were conspiring against him.. lies.. he wanted to keep a tenant and did not care about the dementia and unsafe condition dad was in. dad was post strok an could fall on top of it all ,, we told landlord this. my brother who is power of attrroney went in moved dad. The landlord tried to stop dad from moving over stepping boundaries by returning after being informed to dad apartment and telling dad things that were lies. dad had dementia.. we told him about dad condition even though we felt bad we were trying to protect him…. my brother wired dads house with camers and audio and we have the landlord on tap telling lies… low down bastered

  6. I have a Mother that is 89 years old and is having issues with Dementia. She currently lives in Florida and has one of my younger brothers (age 53) living with her. I am the Executor of her Estate and she notified me today that she wants to change her Will she says she is afraid she will end up broke. My Father-in-Law passed away in December of last year and she told me yesterday someone will need to come get him to take him to the funeral home that he will not fit in her car. He has already been cremated and she has only his Urn which needs to be taken to the Veterans Cemetery to be inturned next month. She tells me he is in bed and is watching her. Someone told her to put a picture of him next to her pillow and now she thinks it is him. I have had her send me her and my Father-in-Laws Last Will and Testament and I received it yesterday. In it (both of them Her's and my Father-in-Law's) states everything is to be split equally amongst all the siblings. She now wants to remove my Father-in-Law's, 2 Children from her Will, she says she is afraid they are going to take everything from her and leave her broke. What can I do to stop her? Do Lawyers make judgment calls when it comes to older people that don't understand what a Will does or do they allow someone to make changes when they are confused? Do I wait until she passes away and just contest the Will in court with my Step Brothers by my side?

  7. none of these videos have any new info or responses since 2014…that should tell you something

  8. Can you give legal advice in india for an Indian, for criminal and civil matter,please inform

  9. some one given crossed check to me of rs.11000/- which dishonored due to insufficient funds. now he is disappeared from his given address.

  10. i have alot of issues with people spying on my and not only plagerizing my life but have also made many attempts on my life alot of big people seem involved and im sure if we can connect the dots i should be able to sue these people

  11. Dear sir Assalamo-alaikum i am safi ullah khan from karachi pakistan. I have a very serious issue and i really want a reliable solution for this problem which i can implement actually my father has a house in residental area which is named by my grandfather and his brother shaki ullah khan. my grandfather is not alive and his brother lived in abroad with his whole family. i want reconstruct our house and make a power of Attorney on my father name all my Aunts are in favour of us they give us permission to reconstruct the house but there is a problem from Shaki ullah khan side we have given them his share from this property at that time we didn't have such a money to make power of Attorney or any legal documents but we have a proof of Mr shaki in written and also signature of them and also we have pay order copy on it is also mention that they sell his half property to us . I have tried so many times to contact them but nobody answer my call. I also send them email , messages but nobody reply at yet i am trying to contact them for 3 months sir now i just want to know that on behalf of these proof is this possible to make power of Attorney on my father name every body knows that Mr shaki takes his share from this property Sir please advice me while ever is possible in this case i will wait for your answer Thanks.

  12. I get mentally and verbally abused by my parents . I have a small learning disability which is comprehension . My father says he can get guardianship of me. He doesn't want it, but he says he can get it and he calls me special needs. I need a lawyer to really help me! I'm 23 and my father is controlling my life.. I don't know what to do!

  13. Hello my name is Rachel Green husband name Matthew. We received a bill from collection agency for Indiana state taxes for 2012. We lived in Wisconsin that year and filed there. I called Indiana, sent them all the proof they asked for but it takes up to 12 weeks to process. Meanwhile the collection agency is sweeping my account for the next 21 days. Is there anything I can do? I did not give anyone permission to access my account.

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