Florida attorney arrested, reportedly exposed himself to, solicited sexual favors from inmates


A Tampa attorney has been arrested in Pinellas County after he reportedly exposed himself to and solicited sexual favors from female inmates at the county jail.
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Criminal Attorney, David P. Shapiro advises what to do if you are charged with Assault with Bodily Injury in San Diego. If convicted there is a difference in prison time depending on how you’re charged. For more information contact the Law Office of David P. Shapiro. They have the experience and staff to walk you through this process to get you the best results possible.

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Hi, my name is David P. Shapiro. I’m a San Diego Criminal Attorney, and I’m also the owner and managing partner at the Law Office of David P. Shapiro.

Today I want to discuss with you Assault with Great Bodily Injury. The first thing people think about when they hear Assault with Great Bodily Injury is well, it’s a fight and someone got hurt. That’s often the case. Other times it can be a fight. Someone gets stabbed. It could be a random attack. Could be a whole lot of different things, but the underlying common features in Assault with Great Bodily Injury are the following: There’s an incident where someone gets hurt. Someone gets attacked. Someone gets in a fight. They get punched, they get stabbed, what have you, and to make it Great Bodily Injury is significant. It’s a legal term under the law and it requires something more than just a minor injury or a short term injury. It requires something with some long term effects to it.

It could be something like a concussion. There’s some debate about whether or not that’s even Great Bodily Injury. Someone gets stitches. Certainly, if someone has to have a surgery, long term recovery; those types of situations.

Why the Great Bodily Injury is so important is regular assault, regular assault by means of force likely to produce great bodily injury could be a felony or it could be a misdemeanor. When there is in fact, Great Bodily Injury, not only does it make it felony, not only does it make it a Strike felony, it makes it a Violent felony, and it adds three years as your possible exposure, meaning the possible time you could receive in custody if you’re convicted. The worst you could get is up to four years in state prison if you’re convicted of Assault by Means of Force Likely to Produce Great Bodily Injury, if you do in fact produce that, Great Bodily Injury, it could add three more years. Now you’re looking at up to seven years in state prison at 80% with a violent felony on your record; a violent strike felony on your record.

The stakes are high, and what we have seen in the over the decade that I’ve been in business and in practice, a lot of times the people charged with Assault with Great Bodily Injury, facing that significant time don’t really have a record. It may just be a bar incident. It may just be a family dispute. Those types of situations and they have so much more to lose. They have so much to lose as it relates to work, as it relates to their family, as it relates to their money and their freedom.

If you or a loved one are charged with Assault with Great Bodily Injury, particularly when Great Bodily Injury is inflicted and you’re looking at that much time, we encourage you to call a law firm like ours, with the experience and the staff to be able to handle the seriousness of your case. Walk you through that process, and get you the best results possible.

Again, my name is David Shapiro, and my firm helps good people regain control of their future when charged with a crime. We can be reached at 619-295-3555.
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8 thoughts on “Florida attorney arrested, reportedly exposed himself to, solicited sexual favors from inmates”

  1. Bill Smith says:

    who is the people is to be trusted none of them this is all so wrong

  2. Bill Smith says:

    This cop just told about himself and his worker's

  3. Bill Smith says:

    How came there is no camera in the room's

  4. Bill Smith says:

    what are you going about preacher's doing this and jails and hospitals

  5. google user says:

    How can a lawyer who is not representing any of these inmates victims allowed to doop the system as you keep saying sir and to me he’s not doop the system it is you people is not doing your job as tax payer pays you to do so instead you all so call authorities zipping coffee with donuts 🍩 REALLY and you also
    Said he should not have access to the inmate but he did over and over again please put the socks 🧦 where your mouth is I CANT watch this shot no more

  6. Jack Johnson says:

    Has to be out there mentally.

  7. Materva 1974 says:

    so hot

  8. Janelle Kirkland says:

    Sexual favors from women inmates?…can't he get or find any sex on the outside?😳

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