Father's Rights – The Law Offices of Elliot Schlissel

Father's Rights - The Law Offices of Elliot Schlissel

Fathers have rights in the context of Divorce, Custody, Visitation and Child Support. They need an advocate experienced at representing husbands and fathers in Matrimonial and Family Court. Our office has been representing fathers in the Five Boroughs of New York City, as well as Nassau and Suffolk counties since 1978.

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  1. @Charlie8417 i'am sorry about you no seeing your child , my son father does not want to see his son . i have see what the system can do , i work hard to care for my autistic son while the father enjoy life paying next to nothing compare to his 100.000.00 thousand dollars income . my situation is not like youre , remenber that projecting your reality onto others is not going to help you , fathers role is really important but i must say that allot of time the mother live is poverty not the father.

  2. @retrouvelapaix1111 You sound like a gold digger. Give him 50/50 custody and take no money. 150 a week? That's 600 a month tax free for you. That's more than I take home in one paycheck after taxes that I can't claim my daughter on and my child support obligations. I see my child next to nothing. I've fought and still fight in the courts for more time yet because I'm the dad I am a second class citizen to her mother. Yet studies show a fathers role is EXTREMELY important.

  3. you lawyers must stop your games of i'am the good guy here, you are just like the rest trying to make a buck . you are part of the court system and are not better that the judge . clown you are . in ny for one child it is 17 percent of the income right ? so why is it that i'am getting 150 a week when the father makes over 80000 thousand a year on his taxes return . i make 30000 working 12 hours a day he worked 7 and yes i had a lawyer. you lawyers just care about your pocket

  4. I need aggressive legal representation, but I live in Virginia and I make very little money.

    I can't keep doing this pro-se.

  5. @nonnaspoon Father's rights are in the best interest of a children. Children don't want to lose their fathers just because their mother got bored.

  6. not if the mom is incompetent no way moms have too much rights dads have none i fight and i will keep fighting these assholes forever…dan

  7. Great Job. I hope this encourages other law firms to take a bold stand for Fathers rights. Fathers rights IS in the Best interest of the children.

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