Family Law Report – Interview with Leon Koziol – Child Custody


An interview with civil rights attorney Leon Koziol that exposes the State’s financial interest in marginalizing one parent after separation or divorce. The Feds reward the States with matching funds for collecting child support. Consider registering for the family law reform conference this November: People from around the country will be there to discuss how we can work together for meaningful change.
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20 thoughts on “Family Law Report – Interview with Leon Koziol – Child Custody”

  1. This video does not go far enough to expose the corruption within the Title IV-D program.

  2. All going to end when the FED RESERVE FIAT scam ends !
    This is all part of the NWO destruction of the family , children , Christianity as a whole ! When will you sheep get it in your heads the only way this will stop is revolution, civil war and bloodshed , not political reform or changes in the system.. Wake the f%$k up !

  3. They kept my children away from me since 2016 because I have PTSD , they are favorited of women’s

  4. The emeny is clearly your "Federal Foreign Government" an unconstitutional entity that undermines the constitution and a free sovereign republic. Prepare for the next revolution, its just upon the horizons.

  5. btw, "profit" is an economic term related to market activities. it doesn't apply to money "earned" by a government entity. the only money that a government has was taken by force from the taxpayers who create value in the marketplace. or the government prints it as controlled and directed by a central bank in our case the Federal Reserve. another huge con. the vast majority of what government does is a con. once that principle is accepted more things become clear. and these aren't modern phenomena, this goes back to way before the Romans and Greeks.

  6. anybody can look up the formula that is used to calculate support in the state of New Jersey for example on the New Jersey Judiciary website. which is where I was divorced. the heaviest weighting factor is overnights. to make the support payments as big as possible thus resulting in the largest Federal matching payments to the state, the kids are ordered to spend the majority of overnights with the parent who earns the least amount of money which is usually the mother. this results in larger transfer child support payments. this is one of the biggest scams in the world and it's amazing that so few are aware of it outside the industry. it's not even a massive cover-up. there is so much dishonesty and lack of integrity required to participate in this fraud that I'm always surprised when all the people involved continue to try to teach their own children to be honest and have integrity. it's just like the anti drug laws. there is a massive army of government employees, lawyers, police, dogs, trainers, facilities, prisons, Corrections Officers, the massive team of administrators who oversee all of this, DEA, the inner city banks who collect all the cash from dealers ( it has to go somewhere), etc etc etc and these people and entities earn billions of dollars every year extracted at the point of a gun from the taxpayers to continue to enforce laws and incarcerate drug users and dealers including the entire process from investigation to arrest to litigation to incarceration. and the draconian totalitarian power that they wield would be the envy of Joseph Stalin. Its just another huge government scam that originated by the creation of prohibition (thank you to whoever voted for that), pressure from the alcohol industry to make recreational drugs illegal. And The Beat Goes On. the people are sheeple and Hoodwinked. an overworked and overtaxed so they barely have time to breathe let alone figure this out. and all these women who can't find husbands. I don't feel sorry for them

  7. I admit I am not particularly supportive of equality. I have mentioned this before, but I am much more supportive of sole custody. I would want either myself, my former legal wife, or a stepfather to assume the role of head of household.

    The best way to deal with these things, however, is to simply oppose legal divorce. Of course, that is a huge bridge to cross.

  8. My child's mother abused and neglected our son and her other children. She was removed from the home and DCS returned her to the home BEFORE her court date when they found out I was going to take custody while she was out of the home. DCS also neglected to properly notify me, claiming they had no proof of my paternity or the information needed to contact me. Bear in mind my ex never disputed my paternity and I admitted paternity in a child support hearing. I fall a few months behind on child support, though, and they don't have a problem at all finding me.

  9. WLYB….Great Conference thank you. This will only get better and stronger by next year's conference. May I suggest FLORIDA

  10. He tells it like it is. This Family Court system is propagated by evil judges and greedy attorneys — making a bad situation even worse — and profiting by HARMING our children.

  11. Do more of these info spots. People about to get married or people who want to have kids need to know the state becomes the ultimate parent. This is not just about divorce.

  12. Indeed, I am planning on attending the conference. I am looking forward to helping build the momentum for the long overdue improvements in American family life. Alexandria is beautiful that time of the year!

  13. Parents who expose the unfairness of the court and court's Orders are also being punished… Being "admonishes@", fined, or given jailtime. It's a sad reality and reform is most definitely needed.

  14. Family Law Report………. Is this New  I can not find any other video's under this name, just the Divorce Corp briefs

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