Falling On The Sword…Literally – $500,000 Case (Full Episode) | Injury Court


Falling On The Sword...Literally - 0,000 Case (Full Episode) | Injury Court

Fisher v. Moretti: A woman sues owners of a restaurant for 0,000 when a sword falls off the wall and slices her hand.

#InjuryCourt #MGM

Falling On The Sword…Literally – 0,000 Case (Full Episode) | Injury Court

Season 1, Episode 10

injury case

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20 thoughts on “Falling On The Sword…Literally – $500,000 Case (Full Episode) | Injury Court”

  1. Roman Swan says:

    Agreed who tf tries to catch a sword period fake or real

  2. lolli senpai says:

    Jesus the defendants just would not stop interrupting. Like teenagers

  3. Mare Pus says:

    Its her own fault

  4. Ayla Hagtun-Karlsen says:

    i feel so bad for the mom, i rlly think they should pay her like around 50-100k

  5. colton dietz says:

    ms.fisher sould have got all the mony.

  6. 010mercurials says:


  7. Madyson George says:

    You can't say they never provided you with something if you never asked for it. Had she asked for the ladder and they told her they didn't have one- than that means they didn't provide it.

  8. Ingólfur Gíslason says:

    haha 420… yes I think like a 10 year old

  9. Annabelle Colville says:

    This is ridiculous the women should have won or at least get some money for her very serious injury’s

  10. long john says:

    The plainif washing the case as she keep talking and the amount of money that she is asking for can instantly put the defendant family as a broken home.

  11. Preston Jeffries says:

    That’s way to much money maybe 125k is more reasonable

  12. End me Somebody says:

    0:25 I see you’re a woman of culture as well

  13. Vergil the legendary dark slayer says:

    Doesn't America have Panadeine forte? It's paracetamol and codeine and it doesn't make you space out

  14. Fox Michael says:

    These are fake

  15. Jayden ? says:

    Hahahahah she ain’t deserve no money

  16. TheFirstNifty says:

    they should have had the weapons blunted tbh.

  17. Zaymond Thatcher says:

    I don’t agree with the judgement. If the real sword was properly secured to the wall it shouldn’t have fallen. Either way she should get some compensation for her life altering injury.

  18. ultRa RaZzy says:

    The defendants should have lost in my opinion

  19. Currets says:

    I think she did what she did on purpose because she dosent want to clean anymore

  20. kadijah emmanuel says:

    I thought she would've at least got something for her pain wow

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